What's your weird party trick

Guys, do you want to be admired?

I know personal anecdotes are inappropriate here, but I'll do it anyway - it's meant to serve a higher purpose. I was invited to an old school friend named A.'s yesterday. The invitation had been pending for months and was postponed again and again, mostly by me, mostly with flimsy excuses. For one simple reason: Whenever A. is in a relationship, he becomes terribly domestic and even more boring. Together with its respective ische, this is then blandness in potency. So also yesterday. As soon as I scattered the bag of cheese over the bag of noodles, we had almost run out of things to talk about and the rest of the evening we saved ourselves in silly arguments and political debates. Mind you A. and me. The conversations of his Ischen girlfriend, on the other hand, were limited to “Do you still want still water?”, “A., how do you know all this?” And “A. works too much, we almost only see each other in the evenings. ”(Incidentally, A. is aiming for a civil servant career in middle service - his working hours are a real dream and recently he said that he could stay at home two days a week, has so much I would have loved to have turned my neck towards A's girlfriend towards the end of the evening, but let it go because I am an opponent of domestic violence and do it in other apartments as well. If, on the other hand, A. has no girlfriends, the evenings with him are a cornucopia of good humor. He's an excellent skat beater, can tell good jokes and if I need legal assistance because I've been doing nonsense, he'll do it for a crate of beer. The funny thing about A.’s friends is that in retrospect they are all so incredibly colorless that they blur into a single prototype, the only quality of which is an overwhelming admiration for A. in particular, as well as in general. Not that we get ourselves wrong here: I think A. is great too. But it doesn't freeze me for months in a relationship with a pillar of salt of worship. I also have nothing against admiration myself - when I unpack my party trick and crack all the limbs at once, I definitely want a little applause and warm thoughts. But then it's good again. If my friend got the idea of ​​constantly staring at me with that damp look of incredulous astonishment at so much brilliance, I would have to quickly spank him. I know none of this sounds particularly girlfriend-friendly, but that's not how it should come across. I don't care a lot about A.’s friends, they should do what they want. I worry more about A and his kind, because I know that there are even more types of A.'s kind. Tell me, boy, why does a very okay man find his personal happiness in being stared at and applauded by his respective girlfriend like the eighth wonder of the world? And if there were enough of this kind of girl, would you wish for one of those as well - secretly? On the next page you read the boys answer.