How do I cook camels

Baked, stuffed camel


  • Any mass of dry firewood
  • 200 plover eggs
  • 20 carp (two pounders)
  • 500 dates
  • 4 bustards (plucked and cleaned)
  • 2 sheep
  • 1 camel (large)
  • Enough doum palm leaves to wrap around the camel
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  1. to pick up stuffed camel. Now burn the sea of ​​flames down to a layer of glowing coals about 1 m deep.
  2. Harden 200 plover eggs separately. Stuff the scaled carp with peeled eggs and 500 dates.
  3. Fill the finely seasoned, plucked and cleaned 4 bustards with the stuffed carp.
  4. Fill the two sheep with the stuffed bustards.
  5. Then fill the big camel with the stuffed sheep. Singe the camel briefly, then wrap it with Doum palm leaves and bury it in the embers. Bake continuously for 2 days.
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  7. Bring long grain rice to the table for 400 guests
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