What makes men introverted

7 reasons we find introverted men so darn attractive

It's like you have your own personal James Bond ...

Just think about James Bond for a moment. Calm. Pensive. Confident. Mysterious. Do you think he was more of an extrovert or an introvert?

Introverted, of course. If Bond followed today's flirting advice, he would have a lot of trouble attracting women.

Can you imagine that? A Bond who cracks jokes, puts on a loud and flashy show, puts himself at the center of every party.

Feels a little wrong, doesn't it?

That's because it just doesn't suit him. Instead, Bond is mysterious. Fascinating. Confident in a quiet way. That combination of an introverted personality is apparently irresistible to women everywhere.

Does a man have to be James Bond to have the same kind of charm as him? Not at all.

As long as you're an introverted person, you can focus solely on improving yourself in ways that feel good to you, and your nature will do the rest.

Here are seven reasons why you are naturally attractive as an introverted man:

1. You are mysterious.

You have a rich inner world full of fascinating thoughts and feelings.

Women who like you want to know what you are thinking, but they can't easily guess. This creates a natural, intense and playful dynamic.

2. You are good company.

You are naturally calm and relaxed.

You are not asking for attention and you are a great listener. These qualities make you approachable and attractive.

3. You have a fresh perspective on the world.

Because you are not interested in ephemeral trends and have adjusted to a deeper reality, your view of the world is often surprising and wonderful to others.

You have a sassy sense of humor and playfulness.

4. Your introspection makes you a wonderful partner.

You have a habit of examining where you are right and wrong in life so that you can take responsibility and improve yourself. When this trait is well developed, women find it incredibly sincere and trustworthy.

5. You have a flair for subtle nuances in chemistry.

That’s so sexy. Your silent depth gives you a close connection with your body, your body and the environment in a way that gives you a special head start.

Sometimes just the smallest look can melt a woman, and your intuitive nature means you are particularly well equipped to do it.

6. You are intellectually stimulating.

Intelligent women are stimulated by meaningful conversations with intelligent men. Because of your intellectually curious and exploratory nature, you know all sorts of different things to share with others.

7. You know yourself.

As an inward-looking man, you know what you like and what you don't. You know your values, your preferences and what you want in life. This sets you apart and makes you trustworthy.

These are just seven reasons you are naturally attractive. There are many more about you in particular that you may not even be aware of.

It is such a pleasure for my clients to get to know themselves, to learn what is uniquely attractive about them. I want to encourage you to look for these naturally attractive traits in yourself. Remember serious compliments.

Think about your accomplishments. Try to see yourself in each of the seven facets above.

Then go out and do what it takes to develop your most attractive qualities so that you can naturally attract exceptional women while enjoying the process to the fullest.