Where is Mike Tyson these days

Boxing: Legend Mike Tyson before comeback in Los Angeles

This name spread fear and terror. Mike Tyson was formerly known as "the worst man on the planet". He knocked down his opponents with hard blows and was the first to unite the heavyweight world championship titles of the major associations WBC, IBF and WBA. An absolute legend!

But the monster “Iron Mike” is a thing of the past, says the 54-year-old to SPORT BILD: “I'm not as angry as I used to be. I am now preparing to face God at some point. But before I get that far, there are still some tasks to do - this fight is one of them! "

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Special conditions for the comeback

On Saturday Tyson will return to the ring in Los Angeles (Sunday morning, live from 3 a.m. on Sky Select, from 15 euros). 15 years after his last professional fight, he dares a comeback - but under special conditions.

Opponent is ex-heavyweight champion Roy Jones junior (51) - even retired from boxing since 2018. Since both opponents are so old, the sports authorities of California ordered special rules: The gloves are more strongly padded and weigh 340 grams each, not the usual 283 grams. The fight lasts eight rounds of two minutes. That bothers Tyson: "I was very disappointed, because that's how long women box actually."

According to the authorities, it should be a "hard sparring" and not an official fight.

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Despite the unusual rules, Tyson forbids the accusation that everything is just a show: “How is this not supposed to be a real fight? Here Mike Tyson and Roy Jones junior are in the ring. I come to fight! ”He wipes away questions about physical risks:“ We have passed all health tests. ”

But why is Tyson returning at all? “I just feel great and I want the world to see it,” says the 54-year-old. “I've been in training for a while. Somebody suggested a duel with martial artist Bob Sapp. Then I said: 'Forget it! I don't want to fight anymore. Dann But then a lamp went on in my head. Bing! "

"At that time I was drugged ..."

The old fighting spirit was back. He lost it in 2005. In the last ring, an exhausted Tyson simply gave up after six rounds against Kevin McBride. "I was happy to leave the ring," says Tyson, who won 50 of 56 fights (44 by knockout). “I was fed up with boxing at the time and only fought for financial reasons. Back then I was drugged, a completely different person. Now I feel like fighting again. "

Tyson was on the ground after his boxing career - physically and mentally: “I was so used to all the drugs and bad coke that I could hardly breathe. I had high blood pressure, arthritis, I was almost dying. "

For the upcoming fight, Tyson put himself in top form. The 1.78 meter tall boxer weighed 130 kilos and slimmed down to 100: "That's how much I last weighed when I was 17 or 18 years old."

His daily program: one hour treadmill or stair climber in the morning, then another one on the ergometer. This is followed by abdominal muscle and strength training. To have power, he eats elk and bison meat. During boxing training he lets himself be taken down hard: "In sparring, I'm the only boss who says, 'If you don't spank my bum, you're fired.‘ I pay people to beat me up. "

Boxing spurred him on: “I become a different person in the ring. The days before I have to say goodbye to my family. It will be impossible that you can live with me. "

Tyson lives near Las Vegas and is financially well positioned again. He brought through 300 million euros from his boxing career, but he currently runs a flourishing trade in cannabis products. His comeback shouldn't be a flash in the pan. It is part of the "Legends Only League", in which old stars from different sports are supposed to duel. The proceeds also go to good causes. So Tyson wants to donate his wallet of 8.5 million euros.

“I'll keep going as long as the League works,” says Tyson. "I will help many people, and my legacy will be that I have given more than I have taken."