Makes a lemur a good pet

Lemurs may make medicine out of millipedes

Faecal analyzes showed that the number of parasites in the red makis increases suddenly at the beginning of the rainy season - when the millipedes usually crawl out of the ground. So it almost seems as if the lemurs have their living pharmacy available exactly when they need it most.

Huffmann has dealt intensively with the behavior of animals that treat themselves medically. He is skeptical when it comes to whether the animals actually act with foresight.

“The short answer to that is no. There isn't good evidence of prophylaxis in animals, ”says Huffman.

However, according to him, every animal on the planet is susceptible to diseases and parasites. So it makes perfect sense that every species should find ways “to treat the discomfort and return to its 'normal state',” he says.

However, it has not yet been proven whether the animals do this consciously.

Peckre thinks that the many secrets surrounding the lemurs should encourage more protective measures that preserve the ecosystem they inhabit. A full 95 percent of all lemur species are in danger of becoming extinct, according to a recent meeting of the world's leading primate scientists.

"The place where we live is severely threatened by deforestation," says Peckre. "Therefore, every day there is a little struggle to be able to do research there at all."