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Habitat for Humanity

2015 - Almost 60 million people worldwide are on the run. Having to leave home with a heavy heart in order to save their own life and with the hope of being able to give the children a protected childhood and a future in another place, more than 20 million people are traveling outside their home countries.

In order to provide help to these people, we support “Habitat for Humanity Germany”. Habitat for Humanity has been building homes for and with people around the world since 1976. A home for families. Through house construction, renovation, retrofitting and maintenance work, the aid organization enables families, the elderly and particularly vulnerable people such as orphans, widows and seriously ill people to create a long-awaited home of their own. In addition, the aid organization has many years of in-depth experience in disaster relief and prevention. The Christian, non-denominational organization has had aid projects and offices in around 70 countries around the world since it was founded in the USA. The aid projects serve the declared goal that all people, regardless of origin, religion and nationality, should have a dignified home - a job that enjoys the fullest trust of the Stickel family!

Do not close your eyes to the need
The dire circumstances in which people travel affect us all. We don't want to look away. One of the biggest causes of the current influx of refugees is the wars in the Near and Middle East, especially in Syria. Millions of people had to flee to at least save their lives. In many countries the situation is dire. Especially in the neighboring countries and in the Balkans.
In Lebanon alone, around 1.1 million refugees from Syria, Iraq or Palestine seek protection - Lebanon actually only has around 6 million inhabitants! Here, at the beginning of the wave of refugees, Habitat for Humanity tries to help as many families as possible to alleviate the need and make the situation more bearable. Aid in neighboring Syria is also important against the background that people traumatized by the war, including many families with children, do not have to embark on the life-threatening, painful and grueling long journey to Europe, where their future is also uncertain.
Many people also get stranded in the Balkans. Thousands cross Macedonia alone every day to reach the borders of the EU. Habitat for Humanity Macedonia sets up heated tents in Gevgelija. Equipped with mattresses and blankets, people, including many pregnant women, the sick and families with young children, can rest in hygienic conditions.
But even here in Germany, at the other end of the long stream of refugees, Habitat for Humanity would like to help make the situation of the people more bearable after their terrible experiences. That is why Habitat for Humanity has entered into a partnership with the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB). The ASB looks after refugee accommodation in Germany. Although a lot of funds are made available by the federal and state governments, there are large funding gaps everywhere for meaningful and necessary measures that make the difficult situation easier for the refugees. Habitat for Humanity supports the ASB in closing these gaps in order to help as many people as possible.

With our support, we want to make a small contribution to ensuring that these people can live in dignity. Help us!

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