How powerful is Iron Fist

Review: Marvel's Iron Fist from Moviejones

So, I am now through with LC S2 and have started with IF S2.

Starts okay, I still think that maybe 8 episodes would have been better, but 10 instead of 13 should go in the right direction.

Just briefly again my assessment of LC S2: Extremely lengthy and also very boring in places. Doesn't want to deny the season that they didn't show any ambitions, and I also think that they do a lot more for the black population in the US than such a Black Panther, basically we have a new real shaft here. But this speed of a snail is quite annoying. There are always high-class moments throughout the season (especially the escalation of the relationship between Luke and Claire and the last 10 minutes, which are really tough). But 13 full-hour episodes are really not justified and even if the ending is really very, very chic (also with the reminiscence of the godfather, Hammergeil, even better than back then with the Simpsons), and offers some bitter punchlines, the season is somehow just wasn't good enough. It wasn't worth the time. You could easily have squeezed this story in half. And one last word at the end: Very elegant, nasty and chic, but somehow also coming very abruptly and hanging in a vacuum.

I really doubt I'll be watching a third season, neither LC nor JJ. Let's see what IF brings.