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YouTube advertising with AdWords - strategies for every budget

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. So it's high time to get to grips with this channel and jump on the bandwagon. Anyone who thinks that YouTube advertising is always associated with enormous costs should no longer be put off by it. Here you will find out, especially if you are new to YouTube, how you can draw new potential from this network even with a small budget.

1. The YouTube channel

The figurehead for every company is the YouTube channel, similar to the fan page on Facebook or the company profile on Xing. Make sure you have a serious overall picture with a high-quality cover picture, complete and correct descriptions and an appealing welcome video for first-time visitors and those returning. Tina Bauer made a helpful contribution on this some time ago.

2. Linking YouTube with AdWords

A link to an existing AdWords account is a prerequisite for placing advertisements on YouTube. The YouTube campaigns are created, measured and optimized via this account. To connect the two accounts, navigate to “Linked Accounts” and “YouTube” in the AdWords settings. Here you can now store one or more YouTube channels.

3. YouTube advertising for the small budget

Even if you only have a small media budget available for the video network, you can first familiarize yourself with the new remarketing lists that are available for you from the YouTube link in AdWords. Collecting your YouTube channel visitors or users who have already viewed your videos is completely free. And still you can get new information about your target group and use this information, e.g. for a more precise alignment of your campaigns in the display network. You can just as easily insert the newly created YouTube user lists as a further alignment in existing remarketing campaigns. On the one hand, these simple tricks do not mean a lot of additional work and, on the other hand, they can be incorporated into the existing AdWords budget.

How do you create new YouTube remarketing lists and where do you find out the main target group they contain?

  • Go to Shared Library >> Audiences in your AdWords account. In addition to the classic website visitor lists, you can now also create YouTube user lists there:
  • A variety of list types are now available to you to create individual remarketing lists:
  • Depending on the YouTube traffic, you can look at the list after two to four weeks to find out the target groups it contains.

4. YouTube advertising for the medium to large budget

If you have decided to invest part of the marketing budget in YouTube advertising, there are great opportunities there to spread your new product, advertising or tutorial video about it. YouTube is primarily a video platform - but if you don't have a suitable video at hand, there are also ways to advertise your product with banner ads.

The different ad formats

Video Discovery Display (formerly "In-Display")

When you choose this ad format, you have four options for where your video ad will appear. Either at the top of the YouTube search results, next to a similar video, as an overlay in a video or on partner websites.

The advertisement consists of a small picture and text with a heading and description. The specialty of this format is that you can only link either to your YouTube channel or to the playback page of your video, but not to your website. Payment is only made when a user clicks on the ad.

In-stream video display

This ad format ensures that your video is always played before the video that was actually clicked on. The viewer has the option of skipping the ad after a few seconds. Payment will not be made until he watches the video through to the end or for at least 30 seconds. If he skips the ad after 28 seconds, you don't pay anything, but an advertising effect can still arise during this time. In-stream ads can also appear on partner websites.

YouTube GDN campaign

This is not a separate YouTube ad format. However, you can place targeted advertising banners on YouTube with a campaign aimed at the Google Display Network. Either to direct users to your website or to promote your video as well. In the example of Happydog, users who had already seen the first dog video were informed via banners that there is now a sequel.

If you want to place such advertisements on YouTube, note that the banners must be in the format 300 × 250 and that you choose the placement orientation “”.

Additional features for your YouTube video

  1. Add your logo to your video as a watermark. This is how you create additional branding effects.
  2. Work with info cards. With this feature you can transport super additional information, e.g. about certain products that are mentioned in the film.

The three advertising formats in comparison

Of course, performance figures and costs can vary greatly from product to product. Therefore, I am listing the average values ​​of my campaigns that have been run so far, which should at least give you a rough guide.

GDN banner geared towards YouTube, show very similar performance values ​​as other GDN campaigns. On average, I paid a CPC of € 0.30 to € 0.60 for this.
Video discovery ads are cheap with a Ø CPV (cost-per-view) of € 0.06 - € 0.13. What is amazing about this ad format is that up to 40 percent of users watch the video until the end. One of the main reasons for this good number is that the user is actively deciding to watch the video by clicking on the ad.

With In-stream ads the viewer is first forced to watch the video. Therefore, the reach of this format is very high and recommended for branding purposes. As a result, however, the video playback rate is 10-15 percent, well below that of the Video Discovery Ads. The CPV is also cheap for this format at € 0.05 - € 0.15.

5. YouTube advertising for the very big budget

The next ad model should only be considered for very large companies. The so-called masthead ads appear on the YouTube homepage. The home page is then reserved for a whole day for a fire. Since individual, very expensive minimum expenses apply for this type of advertisement, a reservation campaign is only suitable for companies with a large advertising budget. If this format is still an option for you, then you should contact the YouTube Advertising Team directly.

6. The right advertising option for every budget

As you can see, there is a strategy for every budget to market products or companies on YouTube. As a first and easiest step, it is always advisable to link the AdWords account with the YouTube channel and thus gain initial experience about users and expand your remarketing lists.

Nanina Windschiegl has been part of the xpose360 GmbH team, an international digital marketing agency based in Augsburg, since April 2015. There she works in the PPC area and also writes articles for Her career in online marketing began in 2009 at explido >> iprospect. Always on the lookout for new trends, they are particularly enthusiastic about social media channels and the forms of advertising on Amazon.