How do you follow a traffic light

Expensive green : What does a traffic light actually cost?

The simplest pedestrian traffic light system - including standard equipment for people with disabilities - costs at least 34,000 euros. If a median is in the way, which happens often enough in Berlin, the traffic light costs 10,000 euros more. And if a tram is supposed to drive safely across the intersection, it can quickly get really expensive with around 270,000 euros. As for the car, the following applies to the traffic light: More expensive is always possible.

Mayors can pimp up the traffic lights in their cities as desired: induction loops, cameras, magnetic field sensors to record the traffic flow or a radio unit so that the waiting bus can move on faster.

Different designs - for example with the famous Ampelmännchen or traffic light smoking for Berlin - cost extra. An advertisement for cyclists is usually not included in the price either.

At the same time, mayors could theoretically go hunting for bargains when shopping at traffic lights. According to the Internet portal, there are almost 6,000 traffic light manufacturers in China. And with them, standard traffic lights are much cheaper for bulk orders.

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