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Self-reflection on the job: 15 questions that will show you whether you are on the right track

When was the last time you asked yourself what you really want? When was the last time you thought about your goals in life, whether you live by your values ​​and whether you are actually happy? The truth is that we tend to rarely ask ourselves the really important questions in life. Why? Very easily: We are afraid of the answers.

Self reflection: what is it?

How well do you really know yourself Stupid question - after all, you're the only person inside your body who can hear your thoughts. So you should know each other pretty well, right? But, is this really the truth? Do you understand your behavior patterns and do you know what drives you? Do you understand why certain situations trigger certain reactions in you? Most of the time, we hardly think about our own behavior, even though we sometimes don't understand it ourselves. But if you never question yourself, you will not find out what you really want and whether you are on the right track.

Why self-reflection is so important in the job

Reflecting on yourself and your professional situation over and over again has many advantages. Here are 5 good reasons for regular self-reflection.

1. It will help you choose the right career

Nowadays we have more chances and possibilities than ever to realize ourselves professionally. While our grandparents and our parents were still relatively limited when it came to choosing a career, we now have a wide range of professional profiles, further training and retraining to choose from. Fulfillment and meaningfulness in the job are more important than ever before. But in order to find a job that also meets these criteria, we first have to understand what that actually means for us. Through regular self-reflection, we learn what is really important to us and can thus initiate the necessary steps to achieve our goals. So self-knowledge is essential when it comes to choosing the right profession.

2. It improves your job performance

According to researchers at Harvard Business School, it should Regular reflection has a positive effect on productivity. This is because we are often overworked and stressed out in this day and age. But if we take time for ourselves from time to time and calmly organize and analyze our thoughts, we feel more balanced and recharge our batteries in the process.

3. It makes you happier

Faster, further, higher - that is the motto of our modern society. And even if it is of course not objectionable to want to make a career, this attitude can lead to chronic dissatisfaction. Sometimes we feel stuck and while we actually have our dream job, somehow we are not really happy. In this case, however, it doesn't have to be due to the work itself - the cause could be your attitude. If we go through life carelessly, at some point it feels as if every day is the same and as if we are caught in our daily grind. This monotony quickly leads to boredom and an aversion to the job.

Tip: To avoid this, regularly writing a small success diary can be helpful. To do this, sit down in the evening and reflect on the following questions:

  • What did i learn today
  • What did I achieve today?
  • What was my greatest achievement today?
  • What can I do better tomorrow?

This method helps you to process your experiences more consciously and to recognize and appreciate even small successes, which in turn increases your motivation and makes you more satisfied. Often we are only dissatisfied because we do not see our own successes.

4. It lures you out of your comfort zone

Changes are usually associated with a lot of adjustments, which is why we like to avoid them. And even if we are actually dissatisfied, we are reluctant to leave our comfort zone because we are afraid of what is waiting for us outside of this safety area. So it happens that we work for years in a job that doesn't satisfy us in the least, but for the sake of convenience we never send another application. We don't think about what we could change, we just accept it. However, once you begin to reflect and become fully aware that you are dissatisfied with your current situation and at the same time figure out where you want to be instead, this may increase your motivation so much that you are ready to break out of your comfort zone. You take your life into your own hands instead of just complaining about it.

5. It helps you to adapt your goals and wishes to your job

If you don't know what you want, you won't get it either. It is therefore important that you are aware of what means something to you in your life and how you can best combine this with your job. Do you put family first? Then your job should possibly offer flexible working hours and the option of working from home. Do you want to be creative? Then make sure that you have a lot of creative freedom in your job and that you can contribute yourself. Do you want to change something in the world? Then send an application to a startup that has the same vision as you. Helping people is your mission? A social job would probably be perfect for you.

15 questions that will show you if you are on the right track

Now that you know that self-reflection can move you forward in both your professional and personal life, you may also want to start asking yourself important questions on a regular basis. The following questions can help you determine if you are on the right track. You should face it at least once a year to check whether you are still satisfied with your current situation. It is best to write the answers down as this will help you organize your thoughts and learn more about yourself as you go through the process.

  • What did I learn in the last year?
  • What have I achieved in the last year?
  • What are my values?
  • Am i happy in my job?
  • Can my work be reconciled with my values?
  • What is my absolute dream job?
  • Where do I want to be in five years?
  • What are my professional goals?
  • What do I have to do to achieve these goals?
  • What is most important to me in life?
  • What are my talents and how can I best use them?
  • What do I enjoy?
  • What does success mean to me?
  • How could I improve my life?
  • In which direction do I want to develop?


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