How was life in the 80s

Lifestyle and design in the 80s

In the eighties there was something for everyone. However, this decade began with the "no-future" generation. The term referred to a generation that no longer expected much from life. The environment was broken and partially destroyed, unemployment was high for the time, and the prospect that the world would soon fall apart because of the ongoing arms race made many people turn away from normal everyday life.

Many people therefore tried alternative ways of life. Living in a commune or shared apartment was still popular, but best outside of society, e.g. as squatters in demolished and empty buildings. The dispute with the police was accepted.

Then there was a change of government and Helmut Kohl took over the helm. He was not popular, the new Chancellor. Satirical papers like "TITANIC" made full use of this and soon Helmut Kohl had mutated into a pear. A short time later, the head of government was known throughout the country by this nickname, which he didn't like at all. What nobody suspected at the time was that the country had been under his government for 16 years. Even his toughest opponents could not have dreamed of that. With all this persistence, Kohl even managed to become the most popular European politician. You see again that the prophet is not valid in your own country. Nevertheless, things were slowly progressing again with Germany and "now we are spitting on our hands again ..." as the group Geier Sturzflug sang so beautifully. And Germany actually got up again.

From now on life showed itself in all its diversity. The characteristics ranged from the well-gelled popper, to the punker or in the noble version as a waver. Popper saw themselves as a counter-movement to the punks and the no-future generation. Their attitudes were conservative even if they were not in line with their parents' views. The poppers were more concerned with developing a positive life plan. This was also expressed in the elegance of their clothing. Many of them also drove Vespa with enthusiasm. Probably because you don't use it to destroy your wickedly expensive clothes. Later on, the Yuppies (Young Urban People) emerged from this youth movement and its attitude. These were people whose life maxim was purely geared towards absolute professional success and prosperity. Total materialism sent its regards.

The punks, on the other hand, generally rejected social conventions. They wore combat boots, a mohawk haircut, sprayed leather jackets and as jewelry they were decorated with chains or safety pins in their ear holes all over their bodies. A kind of anticipation of today's "pearcing", just much easier and cheaper because it was stung by myself. Their jackets were often adorned with so-called buttons. The punks were all about shocking normal society. Popper and punk were rather irreconcilable towards each other.

Those who could not identify with these styles were perhaps simply too normal or tended towards the direction of ecological and social influences. Knitwear and jute clothing was a must, maybe even the cork sandals that these people love. Oh yes, and of course the "Arafat" Palestinian handkerchief could not be missing either.

Fashion became more colorful and, compared to the 70s, more elegant again. The bell bottoms were out. The gentlemen wore pleated trousers again and short, figure-hugging jackets. The ties were narrow and often made of leather. The women wore tight jeans and blouses with ruffled sleeves. There were pads in the shoulders so that the shoulder area was better emphasized. The shoes were pointed, the sneakers had Velcro straps, and it was fashionable to wear tennis socks, even with the items of clothing it didn't go with.
The 80s were dominated by light pastel tones and neon colors. In summer the normal people wore mesh shirts and espandrillos on their feet. The Ray-Ban sunglasses were on the rise and the girls ran around in the bathroom with neon swimsuits and bikinis. In winter there were teddy coats for women and the herringbone pattern was rediscovered by men. With the hairstyles, the hair was allowed to wave calmly. The perm celebrated happy beginnings and the hair gel with wet look was of course not missing in order to style the hair properly. Brand awareness was particularly strong among poppers and yuppies. The brands "Hugo Boss", "Esprit" etc. played an important role. It didn't matter if you were wearing something particularly hideous, the main thing was that you could say that it was from "Boss". But when you look at the pictures today, you often think "Oh God! That's not you?" In retrospect, clothing from the 80s is seen today as a total failure and a fashionable mistake.

At the weekend we went to the disco. The hip sheds played rap and breakdance and in the country discos you could even dance a round of disco fox. In summer, people went to the big open-air concerts, such as Rock am Ring or the open-air concert on the Loreley. In general, music accompanied everyone, thanks to the walkman. The others went to the demo. There was always something going on somewhere. Wackersdorf, Startbahn-West, Hamburger Hafenstrasse. There was always a place to demonstrate. For whom that wasn't big enough. He went to a large demonstration to demonstrate against nuclear power, armament and NATO's double decision. For this, the state authorities sometimes gave someone with rubber bullets or the obligatory water cannon on their hats. Doesn't matter, many will say. We survived it after all and are now the established ones who are now in politics and have forgotten their own behavior. Propagating the same behavior today as reprehensible to others.