Why did you sell your soul

Translation of "you have your soul" in Turkish

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You have your soul sacrificed for his life.
Nolan, you have your soul not sold to anyone.
Nolan, Ruhunu hiç kimseye satmadın.
You have your soul sold so often, nobody wants them anymore.
Ruhunu daha önce pek çok defa sattın ama artık kimse almaz.
You have your soul sold and don't see it.
You have your soul Sacrificed for the team and for the city and for me.
Sen Ruhundan ekip için, benim için ve bu şehir için vazgeçtin.
You have your soul sold, right?
You have your soul betrayed and sold.
You have your soul sold for nothing.
Ruhunu bir hiç uğruna harcadın.
You have your soul sold to an angel?
Boyle bir şey olabilir mi?
You have your soul sold?
Bir Ruhun çok da önemli olmayacağını düşündüm.
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