What's the best mobile UX

Mobile UX Design: You should pay attention to this when optimizing your website for mobile devices

How can you make your website a pleasant experience for mobile use too? What does user experience mean for mobile devices? What design principles can you apply? You will find an answer to all of these questions in this post. Let's take a closer look at the best practices for mobile UX design!

Why Mobile UX Design at all?

Design movements like Mobile first have been trying to draw our attention towards cell phones for a long time. Most professional websites now work fine on mobile devices. Of course, conscientious designers contribute to this. But even those who run a website often use frameworks such as Bootstrap or ready-made WordPress themes. The responsive display is usually already integrated here. This saves developers a tremendous amount of time inside.

However, the use of Bootstrap, WordPress Themes & Co. carries the risk that the design is designed for desktop - and then only adapted for mobile devices.

Why is that a problem? Visitors who view your website on mobile devices have different needs that are not necessarily met by just making the website aesthetic and technical.

User experience design is based on problem solving. The starting question here is always: What problems can users have and how do we solve them? In connection with mobile devices, you should therefore pay attention to one central question: What additional problems arise when users visit your website from a mobile device?

Smartphone usage in Germany

According to Statista.com, 97.5 percent of households in Germany had one or more mobile phones in 2020. This results in a share of 80 percent of mobile Internet users: inside. Of these, 24.1 percent used a prepaid contract. An increase from 66.5 million smartphone users to 68.6 million is forecast for 2023.

Many of us use our smartphones especially on the go. The user experience is strongly influenced by external influences: It can be loud around us. We may also be on the move - our interaction with the phone is less accurate. The light influences can change rapidly between very light and very dark. The reception can change between good and bad or even break off completely. Visitors to your website may use prepaid tariffs and therefore try to avoid websites that use a lot of data volume in a short period of time.