What uses are there for Camtasia Studio

Snagit and Camtasia Studio 7 overview

In this post I would like to go into a little more detail about the programs that are very helpful in producing our blog entries and videos. The programs are Camtasia and Snagit from TechSmith. This is a very useful duo when it comes to recording screen content in any form.




First, let me turn to Snagit. Snagit is the professional version of the normal screenshot under Windows. During this only the captures the entire screen, Snagit lets you choose the areas you need. In addition, the program supports you in making your selection by recognizing distinctive frames and suggesting them as a possible screenshot, as well as with a magnifying glass function with which you can precisely define the approach for your section. These functions are particularly helpful when you have many open windows but only want to save one of them as a section. Furthermore, Snagit has an internal memory function that allows multiple impressions to be stored in Snagit and only later saved in a defined location. Primarily when preparing for blog articles, this is a very useful and time-saving property. Calling up the program via the so-called “OneClick” function and the “Print” button is one further enhancement of fast availability and efficient use. The Capture Profiles differentiate Snagit from traditional screenshot tools, because they offer, for example, the reading of text from screenshots, with which you simply select an area and the text in it is tapped, as well as automatic scrolling if the desired area is in a cut scroll window. In addition, there are other interesting and helpful features. Snagit also includes a graphics editor that can be used to mark important areas or add comments immediately. Because of these features, I can only recommend this software, especially if you want to work frequently and efficiently with screenshots.

Camtasia Studio 7

Camtasia is another useful tool when it comes to filming screen content and edit. The main application Camtasia is only used to edit videos, but a button can be used to start the CamRec application included in the program package. This independent recording tool films the computer screen (including sound / microphone) with a slim and uncomplicated menu in very good quality and then transfers this data to Camtasia for further processing.

A good feature here is that you can also (as with Snagit), the area to be recorded can choose variably. After handing over the recording to Camtasia, you now have the option of revising the recorded items, or effects or “callouts” (Elements that should not be visible in the video) and save everything in a suitable format as required. We always use this process when it comes to producing good quality screen content for documentation or the like. In addition to the CamRec tool, the program package also includes a player, a “MenuMaker” and Camtasia Theater, which opens up additional resources for further processing.


We are very satisfied with both programs and can only recommend them. These programs are indispensable, especially when ease of use, many functions and high quality are required. Here you can easily download a test version and see for yourself: http://www.techsmith.de/download/trials.asp

Have fun testing.

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