Who is the most beautiful doctor

111 reasons to be a doctor

With "I came, saw and intubated", Falk Stirkat wrote a much-noticed book about his everyday life. Now the emergency doctor explains why a doctor can be one of the most beautiful professions, at least his dream job.

NEW ISENBURG. Doctors earn good money, enjoy a high level of prestige, learn new things every day and are a hit at parties because they have such bizarre things to say that are usually also true. For Falk Stirkat there are "111 reasons to be a doctor", which is why he wrote an homage of the same name to his profession.

It was published by the Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf publishing house, which already published Stirkat's Spiegel bestseller "I came, saw and intubated" (we reported).

A doctor who loves his job - despite all odds

"Despite the existence of countless chambers, societies and lobby groups, the profession of doctor is one of the most beautiful one can imagine," writes Stirkat.

That he loves his job is clear on every page, even in those passages in which he sheds light on its darker side - the bureaucracy, the cold feeling of some colleagues or the fact that "after the ninth lactose intolerance, you no longer feel like eating has delicious milk rolls ".

Of course, the funniest spots are those where he pokes fun at himself or his colleagues. His 56th reason to be a doctor: "Because you can become a proctologist - but luckily you don't have to." (smi)

Falk Stirkat: 111 reasons to be a doctor.

Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf, Berlin 2016. 256 pages, 9.99 euros.