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I'm Debora Karsch and I help people to realize their dreams and goals.

Why our dreams often remain dreams.

Do you know the feeling of running into a wall over and over again? You have 1000 ideas and goals, but you don't get anywhere? Are you stuck in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and no longer have time for what you really want? You have the feeling: I just can't do it.

I know that and I know how you feel.

In the past few years I have helped many people achieve their dreams. And also There is much more in you than you suspect. My team and I want to help you discover just that. Because with self-guidance - your inner compass - you can finally achieve your dreams and goals.

  • You will learn how to find out what you really want.
  • You specify your goal.
  • You will receive tools and methods that will support you in the implementation.
  • You will learn how to stay motivated on the ball.
  • You become more productive and feel more free.

Make 2020 your successful year and take the first step now.

Step by step to success

What actually is self-management?

Is self-guidance your inner compass of success with which you navigate yourself through your life. When you find out what you really want what is really important to you and what you want to align your compass with, then you can influence yourself so that you reaching your goals. There are 7 important strategies that will support you on the way to realizing your dreams.

With these seven strategies you are guaranteed to achieve your goals

  • Strategy 1: set goals:
    You set yourself goals that you really want to achieve & formulate your goals SMART
  • Strategy 2: activate willpower:
    You conquer your weaker self with your willpower
  • Strategy 3: control motivation:
    You know what motivates you and you use your motivation.
  • Strategy 4: regulate emotions:
    You know how you can achieve even more through positive emotions.
  • Strategy 5: Design the environment:
    You use the principle: “Change it. Leave it. Or Love it. "
  • Strategy 6: adapt behavior:
    You know when it is your turn to choose a different path to achieve your goal
  • Strategy 7: manage energy:
    You are careful with your body and your energy and you know the importance of fitness, healthy eating and relaxation

The strategies in practice

With online coaching to success

You may be wondering how you can take these steps alone put into practice should. We know: it's not always that easy. That's why we have this Online coaching self-guidance developed. In this coaching you will use a self-check to find out what your self-management looks like in these seven areas and make changes step by step. You will learn how to deal with self-management, finally achieve goals and turn wishes into facts. Put an end to excuses and start your journey to your dreams today.

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Turn your wishes into facts

Learn how you can finally achieve your goals with self-management and turn your wishes into facts.

What to expect in online coaching

Online coaching is not a general recipe for everyone, it is tailored to your individual development potential.

You will be accompanied by me during the entire coaching session in the context of interactive videos and we will go through everything step by step. You can use your thoughts and progress in your Self-guidance journal hold tight.

Step 1

The introduction

Get answers to the questions: "What is self-management actually?" And "What is the benefit for me?"

step 2

The self-test

Use 35 questions to find out what your self-leadership is like

step 3

The evaluation

Find out in which areas you are already excellent and where you can still develop.

Step 4

The coaching

Choose three subject areas in which you want to improve and increase your self-management skills with exercises and challenges for your everyday life.

Step 5

The bottom line

At the end of the coaching, reflect on what you have learned and determine concrete steps for your further development.

Andrea Pitz
Owner Lemocean

I am currently in the process of starting my own business. The coaching motivated me again and helped me to better structure my tasks and goals. Since then I have been more disciplined and motivated in my work.

Jonathan Schroth
college student

The coaching inspired and motivated me to consciously tackle what is difficult for me.

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