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Different camouflage patterns are a dime a dozen. Some make sense, some don't. Camouflage clothing and other camouflage materials with the CONCAMO camouflage pattern have been around for some time. For a few months now, CONCAMO camouflage materials have also been available especially for us nature photographers. With lens covers and tripod camouflage etc ...
Since I would like to fall back on the best camouflage pattern depending on the environment in which I take photos, I have also bought some CONCAMO materials and items of clothing. So here's another little experience report. I would like to subdivide the report a little. It's about the combat trousers from Leo Köhler with CONCAMO pattern and then again about some Ghosthood products with CONCAMO print.
It will soon be supplemented by at least one video. This is followed by the continuation of the series with information about the eyesight of our native wild animals. More on this in the next few weeks on this website.
Here is the link to the CONCAMO camouflage pattern website.

A big thank you goes to Victoria von VictoriaWeihsFotografie for the great work pictures and the spontaneous support!

General information on the camouflage pattern

CONCAMO green is a camouflage pattern made for our latitudes and vegetation, which came onto the market for the first time in 2018. In terms of colors and patterns, it adapts really well to many natural environments. There are also other camouflage variants such as “brown”. That would be more likely for areas with little vegetation or autumn.
CONCAMO works with the fact that all camouflage fabrics are printed with IR inks. In other words, colors that also correspond to the natural color spectra in the near infrared range and that game, for example, has even greater problems discovering someone in camouflage. However, I will go into the infrared properties again when it comes to the eyesight of our domestic game. In short: I consider it a pure advertising slogan without reference to reality. (see the report here: "Sight of our native wildlife") But !!! It can't hurt, because the colors in the visible frequency range are really great.

Combat trousers Leo Köhler - CONCAMO - green

The combat trousers come, who would have thought, from the military sector. The Leo Köhler company has been supplying the German armed forces for a long time, but it also provides products for the civilian sector. A large sales division is probably the area of ​​paintball players and the like.
The cut of the combat trousers takes some getting used to. It is cut quite wide and the leg length is actually relatively short. Actually ? Yes ... The integrated gaiters on the lower leg make the trousers a little longer overall. They also serve to protect against moisture or small animals. From a purely visual point of view, however, they lengthen the trousers really well, which helps me with my body length.
The fabric is a blend of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. As with many Bundeswehr clothing, it looks a bit heavier and the high cotton content also soaks up some moisture. But ... the pants dry quite quickly.
What is fantastic about the pants are the knee pads that are already built in. Taking pictures or staying in a kneeling position is almost a lot of fun :) The supplied knee pads can also be exchanged for other models if necessary.
Two really large thigh pockets with buttons, two side pockets and a back pocket with button complete the picture. The fabric lies comfortably on the skin and the buttocks and knees are additionally protected by double layers of fabric. The 65mm belt loops and suspender buttons on the waistband also allow a variety of straps or belts to be used. The D-straps on the thighs didn't have to be for me, but would allow holsters, etc. to be additionally secured. If necessary, you can simply cut them off. But I haven't tangled myself with those things either.
The pants have already been used many times and all the seams have held up wonderfully so far. With the very good camouflage effect, it is also a useful pair of pants for spring, summer and autumn.

CONCAMO Ghosthood poncho

A poncho with a hood and long sleeves that also covered the back of the hands. A universal size that everyone should be able to cope with. At approx. 210g it is really extremely light and the pack size is really big. You can simply crumple it up and stow it in your pocket. You can put it on and take off really quickly and the hood with the viewing slit is really good to use. The great thing is that you can wear whatever you want under the poncho. It is “just” an accessory. So you can go to the hide in rainwear or other clothing appropriate to the situation and then simply put on the poncho. It is so opaque that the colors of the clothes underneath really hardly matter. If it ever gets wet, it will be dry again in no time.

Size, weight, pack size, camouflage effect, processing


CONCAMO Ghosthood Optic Camo (lens protector)

The lens protection - Optic Camo - is also made of 100% polyester and is extremely light at approx. 78g. As with the poncho, the camouflage effect is really very good. It is a one size fits all, with its 90cm, it also fits over an 800mm lens. The diameter here is 25cm. This is a bit tight with my 500, so you have to measure your equipment yourself. The hose can be lashed really well to the equipment with loops. There are also some anti-slip materials on the inside of the fixations. This means that it rests well and securely on the lens. It's so long on my 500 that I can easily camouflage the camera with it. It's just not that easy to see in the picture, so I'll write it down.

Size, weight, pack size, camouflage effect, processing, flexibility



I am really very satisfied with all of my CONCAMO products. The camouflage effect is great and I like the materials used and are practical. The poncho and the lens protection are also really very light and have a great pack size. Because the poncho is worn over normal clothing, you are also very flexible when it comes to functional clothing for the respective area of ​​use. I always find the accessory solution better than having to buy all sorts of jackets and so on in different designs. As far as the Ghostwood materials are concerned, I can only make one recommendation. However, the price is not to be sniffed at. I can only say good things about the Leo Köhler combat trousers. Due to the cut, the weight and the D-loops, it is certainly really very individual. But there is also a solution for the legs from Ghostwood. So here you can put on a pair of pants of your choice and then simply use the leg cover from Ghostwood.


Ghosthood poncho & combat trousers CONCAMO


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