What are essential mods for Fallout 4

Fallout 4: This is the update you've been waiting for

It's finally here: The PC version of Fallout 4 has supported the since the latest update Creation Club, a collection of add-on content from developers and members of the community. The patch also fixes some bugs and adds a "message of the day".

The Creation Club is of course used to monetize new content and mods. After the controversy over the paid mods in The Elder Scrolls 5 - Skyrim, publisher Bethesda has announced this service as a kind of compromise. How it works: Bethesda works with the top modders in the community to help them make money from their jobs.

This also means that all content must be created specifically for the Creation Club. Bethesda promises that existing mods will not be offered retrospectively for money. From now on, however, new content must go through Bethesda quality assurance and be compatible with all mods. Pete Hines, Vice President of Bethesda, announced on Twitter that the Creation Club should be more like "mini DLCs" than mods:

tested by our QA and will be compat with game and DLC, doesn't turn off achievements and trophies. it's like mini DLCs

- Pete Hines (@DCDeacon) August 28, 2017

Player received 100 credits given. This digital currency can be used to purchase content from the Creation Club. Additional credits can be purchased digitally for real money. It all sounds a little complex. Bethesda herself says, as the English-speaking colleagues from Gamespot report: "Trying out Creation Club is much easier than explaining it." Well we'll see.

The update is currently available as a beta on Steam. Creation Club is also planned for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but still without an exact release date.

Mods for Fallout 4 are already available in all imaginable variations. In fact, the game is a pretty bulky package full of variety and excitement even without additions and mods. Take a look at our photo gallery, in which we will show you the whole truth.

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