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Create a homepage with GoDaddy: the website builder put to the test

Updated March 24, 2019

With GoDaddy's website builder, a handsome homepage can be created in just a few steps and under an hour. Our detailed test shows how the software has proven itself in practice.

GoDaddy: Prices and Plans

If you decide to build a website with GoDaddy, you can choose between four different pricing models: The tariffs staff (1 € / month), Business (4.99 € / month), Business Plus (€ 9.99 / month) and Online shop (14.99 € / month) have the following basic functions in addition to the website editor:

  • SSL certificate
  • Creation of a blog
  • Adaptation to mobile design
  • Use of the free image database including stock images

The Personal plan is a solid choice for anyone looking for a digital diary. Users who also want to use their homepage for professional purposes should at least opt ​​for the next level, i.e. the business tariff, in order to be able to fall back on the SEO tools offered. Here you also have the option of integrating PayPal as a means of payment.

Only the Business Plus tariff offers the convenience of doing e-mail marketing and integrating interfaces to social networks - which is probably one of the most important features for many. From Facebook to Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Xing and YouTube, pretty much every channel is there. For a website with eCommerce functions, the “Online Shop” tariff is suitable for around € 15 per month - in addition to the shop, all of the functions already mentioned are then available.
Domains are not included in any tariff. These must be purchased additionally. It is the same with e-mail accounts: The mail packages cost extra and come with different services at prices between 4.49 euros and 11.89 euros per month.

Free website: You can get an overview of the best providers for a free website on this page.

GoDaddy: usability

Users who are familiar with the website builder (comparison of providers) will have no problems creating a website. But even laypeople get along with GoDaddy just fine, because in principle each step builds on the next. Little hints and a extensive help area serve for explanation and the clever live demo implements every change directly, so that you can always see where they are made. Particularly nice: with a click on “Preview”, the user receives a desktop and mobile view opposite one another.

The initial registration only takes a few seconds, then a website can be created directly and free of charge with the construction kit. To do this, you will first be asked about the category and topic that the page should deal with. The user quickly realizes that GoDaddy is already making design suggestions, with the help of which one can get a first feeling for the possible layout. In the next step, the design can be adapted to your own preferences. This is where the possibilities that GoDaddy offers are revealed. These are divided into three sub-areas:

  • Theme: Select the theme, adjust the color (HTML color codes are supported), select the font
  • pages: In addition to the start page, the ones for contact, data protection and the imprint have already been created. You can add further pages individually and edit them as you wish. Various containers are available for this, from blogs and SEO functions to online shops.
  • Website settings: From domains to search engine optimization, linking of social buttons, Google Analytics and cookies, many screws can be turned here.

Pros & Cons

  • Quickly manageable modular system
  • Website editor with a clear, user-friendly structure
  • Website can be built in no time
  • Modern look of the themes
  • Videos, galleries, blog columns, etc. can be integrated into the website with just a few clicks
  • Clear image management
  • SEO features available
  • Design can also be adapted afterwards
  • Even if it is manageable as a whole, the choice of font styles is good and varied
  • Editor provides the full range of functions in the test phase - but these can actually only be used after purchasing the respective tariff, which can lead to confusion
  • Results can only be saved after purchasing the desired tariff
  • Problems uploading images

GoDaddy Blog: You Can

If you feel like having your own blog, want to come in first and are not too demanding, you will find your way around with GoDaddy. What we mean by that: Direct blogging on GoDaddy is possible and the interface is also extremely intuitive and easy to use, but the options are very limited. The GoDaddy blog can have headlines, body text and images. Anyone who is used to more complex systems like WordPress will miss features such as video embedding, lists and numbering, subheadings, meta descriptions, stylistic text highlighting and some other formatting options. Especially since some of the missing features are also SEO-relevant and should simply not be missing in optimized blog posts.

As far as the presentation is concerned, three different forms of presentation are offered (one below the other in two columns, four posts in one line, one post per column) and the posts can be shared directly on Facebook and Twitter after posting.

GoDaddy Templates: Choice and Quality

The choice and quality of the templates is decent. Pages created with GoDaddy appear tidy, modern and can be individually adapted within the framework of the modular system. Nevertheless, we searched in vain for the 16,000 design templates advertised by the provider: After we entered the subject of photography for the construction of our test page, exactly 17 templates were suggested to us - which are also quite similar in terms of their basic structure. The individualization only comes in the next step, through your own choice of typography and colors, the arrangement of the individual page elements and, last but not least, by choosing your own images.

GoDaddy goes Google: SEO features and mobile usability

The existing SEO features are structured as a kind of red thread that you can work your way along piece by piece to optimize your content for Google. This is particularly helpful for laypeople and those users who are not yet familiar with OnPage optimization for Google. For example, GoDaddy's SEO Wizard indicates that certain headlines, keywords, alt tags and various other settings need to be changed. The user simply works through these points and does not necessarily have to work too deeply into the matter.

Good as well: Whether you are an SEO professional or not, Google loves pages whose design is responsive and optimized for mobile viewing. GoDaddy scores here, because the presentation of the pages for smartphones is really impressive and looks very good. And the implementation takes place automatically. The user interface is also responsive, which makes it possible to work in the backend on the go. GoDaddy offers a link to Google Analytics for tracking, the SEO Wizard helps here.

GoDaddy Shop: Smart Features

Integrating your own shop system into the homepage can sometimes be very complicated. GoDaddy offers the possibility to do so for 15 € and operators of small shops get their money's worth here: In addition to creating and managing their own product range with up to 5,000 products, you can, for example, look into the shopping carts of unfinished purchases and subsequently your potential customers via E. -Mail remind and encourage you to buy. In the backend of your shop you manage the order processes including the entry of discount codes and in addition to PayPal, other payment methods are available via credit card or Apple Pay. Each product can be staged with up to ten images.

GoDaddy: Service and Support

GoDaddy has a lot more to offer besides its modular system and is well known for it in the USA. Because in addition to its website construction kit, SSL and e-mail marketing, the provider also acts as a host and has various domain services up its sleeve: From looking for a suitable domain to making a reservation and buying it (attention, prices vary a lot !) Desired addresses or valuation and auctioning of existing ones, everything is included. A domain move could be important for you. It is possible to move existing domains, the fees due depend on the domain to be moved. Important deadlines must be observed: Domains that were registered or moved less than 60 days ago cannot be transferred. The specified period of 60 days must be observed here. We would have liked to test the transfer, but an error message came up right at the beginning of our attempt.

The GoDaddy Help Center has answers to a variety of questions. Anyone who needs support on the weekend or on weekdays after 8 p.m. does not look bad, because they can only be reached from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Replacements via email or live chat are also not available at the time of our check, which is rather unusual for an international provider of this type.

GoDaddy: Conclusion and recommendations

The GoDaddy website builder should be a user-friendly choice for all those who first want to have a look at their first own homepage and still don't want to forego a professional look: The backend is clearly structured, can be operated intuitively and the individual elements are within placed in a few seconds. In addition, GoDaddy offers this target group enough options for creative design. Previous knowledge of CSS or HTML is not necessary. The contact options and response times in customer support are unfortunately limited, which affects the overall impression in the test.

Try GoDaddy for free: just try it out and see for yourself the possibilities with the modular system. Click here

This modular system should not be for advanced users and professionals, nor for bloggers. The formatting options for blog posts are not extensive enough for this. When it comes to SEO, we see a great entry point for beginners on the one hand. But here, too, the features should not be deep enough to satisfy the demands of experienced website operators. All in all, GoDaddy is a good system that is especially suitable for beginners. On the other hand, we would recommend Jimdo or Wix to all who want more and are already able to do so.

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