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Daily Gazette for Thun and the Bernese Oberland, Volume 24, Numero 101, 1 maggio 1900 - Page 1

No. 101-

Thun, Tuesday May 1st


Daily scoreboard

Aboriginal Price Annually. . . Fr. 8.— PerlPost received: annually. . . Fr. 9th quarterly. "2.2b

TkMt for Sick Thun uuii -ns Berner MW.

Service fee: The Ispattige Garmondzeile or its room 10 CtS. Oral inquiries are free, in writing 10 CtS.


Twentieth year of the twentieth century.


Subscription advertisements receive a discount.

S Fr 1.90 to 23.65 per meter, carriage paid to the house. s HH 'H'U samples to choose from, as well as black, white and colored "Henneberg silk" for blouses and robes, from 95 cts. to CHF 11.30 per meter. WU IDur Acht, tvrtttt obtained directly from me. g. gsWöliörz , rüricll.

Crafts school Thun. Beginning of the summer course on Tuesday, May 1st, at 8 a.m. in the Ballenzschulhaus. Subjects: freehand drawing and technical drawing. Those youngsters who want to attend these classes are requested to come to the Bällizschu'haus next Tuesday evening (May 1st) at 8 o'clock in the evening to be assigned. Numerous and punctual appearances expected Die DI ni frer der von Mim imck H »zeb» »8 Tuesday, May 1st 1900. In the afternoon flight out into the area. - Collection, 1 o'clock at noon, in the "Hopfenkranz". 7 '/ s in the evening: Parade with music; afterwards a lecture and a cozy association. Everyone is kindly invited to participate. The May celebration tone. KejljjiiftsempMig. Bring the admirable audience of THUN and Environment, that I will be running a business on my own account from now on, and I recommend myself for all work in my field. Manufacture of upholstered furniture of all kinds, such as couches, divans, armchairs, chairs, day beds, door and window decorations, Storren rc. - Mattresses in horsehair, wool, leather, 6riir Everything in a tasteful and solid execution. Furthermore, the changing of old upholstered furniture and mattresses in and outside the house is done promptly and cheaply. former worker with Mr. Baumann. MM "The workshop is in the back house of Mr. Burger, landlord z. "Grütli". LeLlLieüsissrns MAM garden furniture supplies G. Winkler, locksmith's shop at the cheapest prices. Brochures free of charge and free of charge. Dye and matte goods dealership OelffarbenmksterAMlit. / R Varnan LarboIlNSUM ready for painting and powder. Ni .. MSbellake, different types of riding Autschenlak, Lisenlak, BoLenol, Masch, nenol mg. Thun, Kreuzgaste recommends its extensive stock of shoe goods of all kinds. - Excellent products. SV Modest prices." MK Großr Selection of colored articles and associated refreshment agents.

Wanted: A loyal, hardworking girl to help out in a small household. By whom, says the Exped.

For sale: a new, crocheted table carpet (latest design), as well as a guitar and a flobert. - Information from Exped.

Men's choir "Frohsinn". Tonight's lift. Timely and complete appearance absolutely necessary. Thun residents' health insurance fund. Meeting of the administrative commission "Monday, May 7th, 19" ", 8 o'clock in the evening, in the pub at the Thun joint stock brewery for deposit withdrawal and acceptance of new members Both sexes with single and multiple insurance. Admission forms can be obtained from Mr. G. Ruch, Bahnhosvorstand and Fritz Steussi, merchant. The administrative commission. Nianos in solid construction, beautiful full tone and elegant furnishings from CHF 675. - Zoldene medal . - ..... Sale and rent. - H. Jaeobi, Unterballenz 11, Thun. Cheerful instruments from CHF 200. EmrichtunWilblikatioll. The undersigned Christian Bürki, von Unterlangenegg, master butcher in Thun, intends to move to house no Ä of Mr. Jules Böhler, behind the castle, in Thun, to build a meat shop - butcher's bank - and applies for the necessary equipment authorization. The relevant request is available for inspection at the parish chancellery, where objections against the same are to be submitted in writing up to and including June 3, 1900. Thun, April 24, 1900. Chr. Bürki, butcher. "The undersigned is for sale as a free hand: a plush crate bed with armchair and armchairs, cupboards, coffee table, extending table, 3 inlaid chairs, 1 table, inlaid, 1 stock clock, 1 bed, 1 glass shop with chest of drawers, kitchen utensils rc. Miss Marie Leb, Hofstetten. WIDM. Notify the honored women and daughters of Thun and the surrounding area that I have moved my magazine to the house next door, formerly Cafö Peschl, Allmendstrasse No. 51. I ask my valued customers to send it in as soon as possible At the same time I recommend a nice selection in garnished and ungarnished women's and cattle hats. TotevboMkts v. Miilhavserreste. A. D-mmann Niggeler. Neve, large Avsm-l Kurnitursn of all kinds in pearls, silk, wool and cotton, white, black and colored, from the cheapest to the finest, politely recommends M. Schmid-Ltebt.