How do I print on doormats

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Design and print your own floor mats

Design and print your own floor mats online - this is now very easy, quick and inexpensive. With the help of our iMat mat designer, you can create an individual doormat yourself with just a few clicks that couldn't be more personal. First select the size and format of the mat. Then make your own selection from numerous motifs, symbols, colors, lettering and fonts and create your own design! With a few clicks of the mouse, you can quickly create your own doormat and then have it printed right away.

Have the doormat printed

Before you put your finished designed doormat in the shopping cart, take another look at it in the preview: Would you like to have the doormat printed like this? You can also make changes from the shopping cart. If you are completely satisfied, enter your order details and complete the ordering process: And off you go! Now you can look forward to your personalized doormat! The delivery times after receipt of payment are 2-3 weeks. Depending on the season, longer delivery times can occasionally occur. Usually we deliver your goods within 10 working days.

Design individual dirt control mats online

For you as a private person - as well as for a company, individual floor mats are a visual highlight and a special kind of accessory. If you want to create a floor mat that is creative and personal, you are at the right place with iMat! In the mat designer you can find a wide variety of possible designs for your doormat under "Templates". You can modify or refine the proposed mat designs as you wish. Find the size that is ideal for you and plunge into the design pleasure: You can choose from no less than 32 colors for the basic color, lettering and symbols! You can store text and graphics by rotating and zooming in the ideal place according to your aesthetic preferences. The design elements mentioned can also be combined with coats of arms, photographs or logos. If you want a particularly clear design, you can of course also opt for a coat of arms, photo or logo without adding any other designs. Floor mats with a photo are always an original gift idea! Doormats with names are also always a special eye-catcher!

Doormats belong in every entrance area

So that residents and visitors can take off their shoes before entering the house or apartment, a doormat should be placed in front of every entrance or apartment door. It is essential for a well-tended entrance area. It ensures that the dirt is not carried in from the street and visually emphasizes the door threshold. But even more than a run-of-the-mill doormat, which you can buy in abundance in the hardware store or as part of the various promotions of the discounters, makes a self-designed doormat - so think carefully about what the mat you want in front of your entrance door should look like place! Because your individual carpet in front of your front door or in your hallway shows: someone here is making an effort and designing their home comfortably and individually - stands out from the crowd.

Original gift idea for private or company events

For a birthday or any other occasion, self-designed and individual mats are an extremely successful gift that will certainly bring a smile to the recipient's face. If there is a very individual mat in the entrance area, you will always be happy to come home and remember the friendly giver. Guests also perceive the personal doormat as a small gift - so you feel comfortable and in good hands when you enter the house.

Logo mats with logo in your own company design!

Are you the owner or in charge of a company? Design the foyer of your company in line with the company's interests. A doormat with a logo uses the tread as an advertising space for the company. Company names and slogans can easily be branded here. The recognition of the brand is easily strengthened and the logo mats are ideally used as an advertising medium. The doormat leaves a first positive impression on visitors and business customers that will stick in their minds. The dirt control mat with the company logo is an addition to the company's own letter paper, the company's business cards, pens with the company logo and promotional gifts. A doormat with a logo is imaginative and, as the icing on the cake, effectively underlines the overall concept of the company. Make your company complete and have your company's own doormat printed! In the reception area, as well as within the business premises and at trade fairs or events, floor mats with the company logo represent advertising space. Don't miss the chance to advertise your company on your floor mats! Contemporary, practical and inexpensive, advertising mats are the perfect addition to your company's marketing mix.

Individual doormats as a company gift and for clubs

Your customers will also be happy to receive an individual dirt trap as a promotional gift. Personalized with the name of the respective customer, the doormat completes the surprise and provides amusement. A promotional gift couldn't be more original! You are also welcome to send us your design wishes with company logo, design and size. We look forward to making you an offer tailored to your company. Our hockey mats are also always well received in club sports.