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Restrictions when using 1 & 1 digital TV

Are you missing certain channels or would you like to know why some functions of 1 & 1 Digital TV are not always available? Here you can find out the most important reasons.

Restrictions on use depend on the platform, broadcaster or broadcast.

Platform-dependent differences

Depending on whether you use the 1 & 1 TV-Box, a version of the TV app or the web app to watch TV, the range of functions can differ slightly. The 1 & 1 TV app for iOS and Android provides you with a live preview (mosaic view of all channels with preview image); this is not the case with 1 & 1 digital TV for Fire TV.

This is mainly due to technical reasons. You can find an overview of the supported functions for each platform in this article: Using 1 & 1 Digital TV: Functions at a glance

Channel and program-dependent differences

Depending on the information provided by the television broadcaster, e.g. B. Subtitles or program descriptions are not available. You can find out more about the channel-dependent range of functions in this article: Channel list and add-on options for 1 & 1 digital TV

For licensing reasons, the functions live pause, recording, instant restart (playback from the beginning) and catch-up (watch the program again) are not available for all channels or programs. This can be the case with third-party productions such as Hollywood films or live broadcasts. Also for licensing reasons, some HD programs can only be recorded in SD quality.

The range of channels and the range of functions of 1 & 1 Digital TV are constantly being developed - we reliably supply the 1 & 1 TV apps or devices you use with updates.

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