How can you transfer data through music?

Transfer Android music to an Android device - this is how it works under Windows


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Downloading music from your Windows PC to an Android phone is very easy! In our tips + tricks article we explain how to do it!


Would you like to transfer a song or an entire album from your Windows computer to your Android smartphone? All you need is a USB cable and our instructions:

Transfer music to an Android device

  1. First you need your Device via USB cable connect to your computer. Such a cable is usually supplied by the manufacturer.
  2. Then open the Explorer and click on "This pc"(up to Windows 8 this menu item is still called"computer"). Starting with Windows 8, you can also use the shortcut [Windows] + [E] to open the Explorer.
  3. Now your device should be under "Devices and drives"appear. It may take a while for your phone or tablet to appear. You will probably need your Unlock the deviceto be able to access it from the PC.
  4. If you also have a Memory card in your mobile phone or tablet, it may be shown separately. Then, depending on the storage location of the music files, you can choose between the internal memory of the device or the memory card.
  5. There you will now see the vdifferent folder on your Android device displayed. You are only interested in the folder "Music".
  6. You can now use your Simply drag music files from your computer to the Music folderby clicking on the corresponding music track or album, holding down the left mouse button and only releasing the file above the folder.
  7. Alternatively, you can share songs or albums with a Mark right click and in the menu "Copy"Select. Then go to the Music folder of your Android device, double-click it, right-click again and select"Insert". Now the music is on your mobile phone or tablet.
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