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The FAQ of the "School Music Mailing List"

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about dealing with the mailing list, unless they have already been answered on one of the other pages.

You can find additional help on the very detailed help pages of Yahoo! Groups.

Q. 1: I registered with an email to and received a corresponding answer. Why am I still not getting any emails now?

A. Did you remember to check the Yahoo! Groups to confirm that you really want to join the mailing list? (This is a precautionary measure so that nobody can abuse email addresses, e.g. subscribe to mailing lists, without the owner of the address wanting to do so).

If necessary, check again whether you have followed the individual steps in the instructions. If it still doesn't work, please contact me by email.


Q. 2: How can I access the advanced Yahoo! Groups features?

A .: Yahoo! provides extensive functions for mailing lists that go beyond simple e-mailing; this includes, for example, the possibility of reading old posts in the archive, changing one's email address or taking part in surveys within the list.

To use these advanced features, you must have applied for an ID and password from Yahoo! Groups. The Groups wizard will help you with this.

Q. 3: I am away from home for a few weeks. Do I have to unsubscribe from the mailing list to stop receiving emails?

A .: You do not have to unsubscribe, you can simply stop receiving e-mails. To do this, just look for the school music list at Y! Groups, in which you can change your personal mailing list settings (have your password ready) and select the option “No e-mail” under the heading “Send messages”. The prerequisite is that you can access the "extended functions" (see F. 2)!

Or you can send an email to the following address: [email protected]
Please remember to use the e-mail address with which you registered as the sender! You can reactivate the sending of emails from the mailing list by sending an email to [email protected]

Q4: I have a new email address. How can I add my new address to the mailing list?

A. In your Yahoo! settings, you can specify the email address to which the school music mailing list should be sent. You can also save several addresses and switch between them (e.g. select a different address during holidays and switch back during school). The prerequisite is that you can access the "extended functions" (see F. 2)!

If you do not have a Yahoo! ID, you can only unsubscribe from your old address by email and sign in again with the new address (see subscription instructions).

Q. 5: Where can I find previous posts on the mailing list?

A .: On the Internet pages of Yahoo! Groups, which provide me with the service for running the “School Music Mailing List”.

Previous posts can be found in our mailing list archive there, or if you visit our mailing list page on Yahoo! Groups click the "Messages" link. Please note that you can only access this expanded service from Yahoo! Groups if you are logged in to Yahoo! have requested an ID and a password (see above: advanced Yahoo! Groups functions).

By the way: the archive can also be conveniently searched for keywords! However, it is not very convenient to use: Only the most recent posts are searched; to go back to the complete archive, you have to click on the link "Next" again and again.

The forum (with a much better search function, among other things) is therefore much more suitable for posts of longer-term interest!

Q. 6: "HOPPLA ... you are not a member of the school music group" - Why do I always get the message on the Yahoo! Groups pages that I am not registered?

A. When you visit the Yahoo! Groups you will need to enter the password that Yahoo! was sent at the time of registration. This ensures that you are also authorized to view the archive (otherwise companies, for example, could fill up their advertising files with the senders of e-mails ...).

The procedure: Enter your email address and password in the left column on the Yahoo! Groups start page, then click on "Register" - done. If you have also selected the "Save ID and password" field, a cookie will also be installed on your computer so that you do not have to enter the password again the next time.

Q. 7: I forgot my password ...

A .: No problem! Simply fill out the form below and Yahoo! Groups will send you a new password.

Q. 8: I get emails from the mailing list regularly. Why can't I send a post myself?

A .: This is probably because you have multiple email addresses. For security reasons, only those who have subscribed to the list can send e-mails to the mailing list (keyword SPAM, see "Mailing list etiquette"). The list server checks this on the basis of the sender's e-mail address, so you can only send a post to the list with the e-mail addresses with which you are registered for the list.

Q. 9: I'm a member of eGroups, but the mailing list has now moved to Yahoo! changed. How do I go to Yahoo! change so that I can use the archive again?

A .: Switching is very easy: you just have to link your previous eGroups account to a new Yahoo! account. On the Yahoo! find more information for eGroups members. You can also link your account immediately.

If you have any further questions or suggestions for improvement, you can also contact me directly by email at any time.

(List owner)