How can you train at home

The 9 best fitness exercises for at home

Time to clear your head: We'll show you that home workouts are anything but boring. These 9 exercises for at home ensure sufficient movement and balance despite the home office.

Fitness exercises for at home - this is what you should pay attention to

The training is at home uncomplicated andsaves you a lot time. The only thing you need here is you proper fitness exercisesto get your body in shape. Heaviness machinery are honestly not decisive for training success.

Even so, the best fitness exercises won't do you any good if you don't exercise properly and eat completely wrong.

A healthy, balanced nutrition is this foundation for optimal Training successes. This also applies to training at home. You need Every day sufficient energy in the form of Carbohydrates and Fatsfor you to enjoy at work, in training, or in private life power can bring.

Simultaneously Do you need Proteins, in order to yours Muscles after the workout rebuilt and be optimal recover can. When you don't have time to cook a balanced meal before or after your workout, and your body nevertheless quickly with something energy and Proteinssupply want is a Protein shake just right for you.

Simply put water or milk in the shaker. Add protein powder. Shake. Finished. You already have a protein-rich drink that also tastes like a milkshake.

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5 fitness exercises for at home without equipment + training plan

1. Hyperextension

Difficulty level:Easy
Trained:Lower back
Note:Pull yourself up slowly in a controlled manner instead of bobbing with momentum.
Variation:Extend your arms forward to increase the angle and difficulty.

2. Situps

Difficulty level:medium
Trained:Abdominal muscles + hip flexors
Note:The back stays straight when straightening up.
Variation - easy:Lift your upper body slightly off the floor (crunch).
Variation - difficult:Pull your upper body and legs together at the same time.

3. Sideplank Hip Lift

Difficulty level:medium
Note:Lower your hips to just before the floor, but don't let them touch the floor.
Variation - easy:In the beginning it may be difficult to keep your balance. Support yourself on the floor in front of you with your free hand.
Variation - difficult:When you can keep your balance well, extend your free arm upwards.

4. Leg raises

Difficulty level:medium
Trained:Straight abs
Note:Always keep enough tension on your core muscles to avoid a hollow back.
Variation - easy:Bend your legs as soon as you lift them up.
Variation - difficult:Push your hips off the floor a little more when your legs are straight up.

5. Superman Plank

Difficulty level:Heavy
Trained:Trunk and balance
Note:Make sure you don't make a hollow back.
Variation:Lift each arm and leg off the floor one at a time.

Download the right training plan for these fitness exercises with your own body weight now.

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4 fitness exercises for at home with weights

Alternatively, if you want to make your training a little harder, you can of course also work with free weights at home. All you need are a couple of dumbbells, a weight plate or kettlebell. Or, if you don't want to buy extra weights, a large water bottle. Here are a few more exercises that you can easily do at home.

1. Russian twist

Difficulty level:Heavy
Trained:Straight + lateral abdominal muscles
Note:Legs stay as still as possible, upper body stays upright.
Variation - easy:Do the Russian Twist with no weight.
Variation - difficult:Throw the weight in the form of a medicine ball and throw it back after a twist.

2. Walking lunges

Difficulty level:Heavy
Trained:Gluteus muscles, quadriceps, stabilizing deep muscles, coordination auxiliary muscles: core, hamstrings, arms
Note:When you put your foot down, your knees and ankles are roughly in line. Avoid sideways movements in the thighs and knees. The entire movement is stable and well coordinated. If in doubt, train without weight first.
Variation - easy:Do the lunges on the spot or with less weight.
Variation - difficult:Increase the weight.

3. Butterfly reverse

Difficulty level:medium
Trained:Middle part of the hood muscle, posterior part of the deltoid, large and small rhomboid muscles, subbone muscle.
Auxiliary muscles: lower and upper part of the hood muscle, front and side part of the deltoid muscle, core, back extensor, thigh
Note:Palm points down, thumb over the rest of the fingers. Elbows are minimally bent and dumbbells are in line with the shoulders. The weight is distributed over the whole foot, knees are in line with the ankles.
Variation:Lie with your chest over the back of a chair so that you can get less momentum from your upper body.

4. Weighted calf raises

Difficulty level:Easy
Trained:Calves, core stability and balance
Note:Stay stable in your hips as you step on your toes.
Variation - easy:Support yourself with one hand.
Variation - difficult:Try the calf raise with one leg.

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7 free training plans for at home

Here you will find a lot of training plans with further fitness exercises for at home. So that you can make your training as varied as possible, you will find here other fitness exercises for the stomach, legs and buttocks, especially for your six pack to lose weight, build muscle or simply to improve your general fitness.

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