What color are your bed linen

How to dye your bed linen

Which fabrics can be dyed?

In principle, all fabrics made from natural materials can be dyed, i.e. cotton, linen and viscose. Mixed fibers consisting of at least 60% natural materials can also be dyed. Bed linen made from synthetic fibers such as polyester bed linen cannot be dyed. In addition, the bed linen to be dyed must be washable at least at 40 degrees.

What else should you watch out for?

  • Bedding can only be dyed from a light shade to a darker one. You cannot make yellow sheets out of blue sheets.
  • Parts made of synthetic fibers such as seams or zippers do not stain.
  • Patterns will mostly remain visible unless you choose an extremely dark shade like black or midnight blue.

Step-by-step guide to dyeing bed linen

  • Colorants
  • Color fixer
  • Bed linen to be dyed
  • laundry detergent

1. Weigh the laundry

Before buying the dye, it is a good idea to weigh your bedding so you know how much dye you will need. The heavier the bedding, the more dye you will need. If you dye a lot of laundry with little dye, the result will be less intense. You will find precise information on the weight-dye ratio on the packaging.

2. Prepare the laundry

The laundry should be clean and slightly damp for dyeing. So you might want to wash it first and then put the damp laundry in the washing machine.

3. Coloring

Place the cut packet of dye fixative on the laundry and select a gentle cycle. After about five minutes, put the dye in the detergent compartment and rinse with a liter of water.

4. Post-washing

When the washing program has run through completely, start a new normal washing program. This time you also add detergent. It is important to wash it afterwards so that the laundry does not stain later.

5. Drying

Line or tumble dry the laundry. Finished.

If you just want to freshen up the color of your bedding, you can do that with a color freshener. This goes straight into the washing machine.

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