Why does Trump trust Putin

After the summit: Trump believes Putin more than US intelligence

US President Donald Trump apparently continues to ignore the evidence that Russian agents were influencing the US presidential election campaign in 2016. After meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday in the Finnish capital Helsinki, Trump responded to a reporter's question: "I have great confidence in the work of our intelligence services. But I can tell you that President Putin rejected that extremely strongly and powerfully today." On Friday, based on the investigations of the US special investigator Robert Mueller, the US judiciary charged twelve employees of the Russian secret service GRU with hacking the servers of the Democratic Party and, among other things, publishing copied e-mails.

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However, Trump never addressed the specific allegations in his answers. Instead, he replied evasively, pointing out that his election victory was one "brilliant election campaign" have to thank. In addition, there were no secret agreements between his campaign team and Russia, said Trump. Although his intelligence coordinator Dan Coats had told him that Russia was behind the Democrats' hack, Putin had denied it. He see "no reason"why it should have been Russia, said Trump.

Trump accuses USA of "stupidity"

The 72-year-old repeated his attacks on the Mueller investigation and referred to it once again as "Witch hunt". He also reiterated the allegations of a tweet on Monday that both states were equally responsible for their bad relationship and that the US was responsible "Folly and stupidity" as well as the "manipulated witch hunt" of the Mueller investigations had contributed to the fact that the relationship had become worse than ever before. Trump continues to try to avoid any impression that he owes his election victory to Russian interference.

Putin himself waived one at the press conference "strong and mighty" Denial of the allegations, as he is said to have put forward in the hour-long conversation with Trump. He only referred to the secret agreements with Trump's campaign team as "greatest nonsense". When asked whether his government had compromising material on the US president, he responded evasively. Putin simply said that he did not know that Trump was a businessman in Moscow at the time. Be it "greatest nonsense"to assume that Russia is collecting compromising material from all major US businessmen.

Putin doesn't want to trust Trump

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Putin also rejected the idea that he could trust Trump on a personal level. "How did you get the idea that Trump trusts me or I trust him? He represents the interests of the United States of America and I represent the interests of the Russian Federation"said the Russian President. There are certainly common interests and points of contact. At least he offered Trump that US investigators could come to Russia to investigate allegations of electoral interference. Trump referred to this as "incredible offer".

The US judiciary had detailed in the 29-page indictment how the Russian agents are said to have broken into the email accounts and servers of the Democratic Party around presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. In the course of 2016, they are said to have published the material about the fictional hacker character Guccifer 2.0 and the disclosure portal Wikileaks.

Sharp criticism of Trump

In the United States, Trump was then heavily criticized for his statements. Former CIA chief John Brennan accused Trump of treason on Twitter. Senate opposition leader Democrat Chuck Schumer said: "In the entire history of our country, Americans have never seen a President of the United States support an American adversary as President Trump supported President Putin." There was also some fierce criticism from among the ranks of the Republicans. The seriously ill Senator John McCain described Trump's appearance in a statement as "pathetic defeat" and one of the "Most Unworthy Appearances by a US President in History".