Why are most musicians men?

New study: Music makes men more attractive

Your flirt in the bar lists all your favorite bands - but you can't stand them? For many people, the other person's taste in music determines how attractive they are to the person. A study now provides another insight into how much music plays a role in partner choice: When women listen to music, men find them more attractive.

First dinner, then to a bar and then watch a movie? Rather listen to music on a date! Because it influences how sexy we find someone. This is what psychologists at the University of Vienna, led by the scientists Manuela Marin and Helmut Leder, found out in a current study on the life of musicians.

Accordingly, women rate men's faces in photos as more attractive and would be more likely to get to know these gentlemen if they have listened to music beforehand. The greater the musical arousal, the greater the effect of music on sexual attraction. They published the results of the investigation in the specialist magazine "Plos One" and in a press release.

Study: Music can make men more desirable to women

"The attractiveness of the face is one of the most important physical characteristics that can influence the choice of a partner. We wanted to find out how music can change the perception of this characteristic," said Leder.

When a woman listens to music, she's more likely to want to date a man

96 women and men took part in the study. In the experiment, the research team played various pieces of music for heterosexual women and then showed them photos of men with neutral facial expressions. The test subjects were asked to rate the attractiveness of the men's faces using a scale and also indicate whether they would date the men. No music was played to a control group of women with similar characteristics. The result: The women to whom the instrumental music excerpts were presented rated the men in the photos as more attractive - especially if the music is "highly exciting and therefore complex".

Amazingly, the effect could not be proven in men - how sexy they find a woman cannot be significantly increased by music.

Incidentally, the phase of the test subjects' cycle was also recorded, but this had no significant influence on the assessment.

That women like musicians is a cliché? After all, music is also part of courtship behavior in the animal kingdom, such as the song of birds during the mating season. (Source: Jupiterimages / Thinkstock by Getty-Images)

Love songs create a flirtatious mood

The psychologist Nicolas Guéguen from the Université de Bretagne-Sud found out in a 2010 study that love songs make people more open to flirting. He published these results in the journal "Psychology of Music". Young women who listened to romantic music before a conversation were more willing to give a man their phone number and be invited for a drink afterwards than to neutral songs.

Musicality favors reproduction

Music and sexuality: how are they related? One possible explanation is provided by Charles Darwin in his theory of evolution. According to this, music developed through sexual selection. The motor and cognitive abilities that are necessary when making music serve as an indicator of good genes and thus increase reproductive success, reports the University of Vienna in the press release. This can be observed in the animal kingdom: Male birds in the mating season try to outdo each other with song.

Do less classically "beautiful" men have more opportunities thanks to music?

"There is currently little empirical evidence to support Darwin's theory of the origin of music. We wanted to use a new experimental paradigm to examine the role music plays in partner choice," said Marin, who led the study. In the future, further research will be carried out into the extent to which music benefits physical attractiveness when choosing a partner.