How do I download Facebook

Facebook Video Download - How it works on Android and iOS

The video function is one of the most popular features on Facebook. However, clips can only be viewed in the app. If you want to download a video from Facebook, you need an additional application on your Android phone or iPhone.

You can use the additional app to store videos in your mobile phone memory. The content can also be viewed without a Facebook app or shared with friends via other services.

Download Facebook videos on Android

There are numerous Facebook video downloader apps for Android in the Google Play Store. If you have downloaded one of these applications, you insert the desired video so that it is saved on your mobile phone. Usually the apps are free. Only one or the other advertisement is displayed. This is how the video download works on Facebook:

  1. Download one of the downloader apps, for example the "Video Downloader for Facebook".
  2. Open the application. In order for content to be saved on your mobile phone, you must allow access to the internal memory.
  3. Control the Facebook app.
  4. Find a post with a video.
  5. Click on the three dots in the top right to open the post settings.
  6. Choose the option Copy link. The link to the Facebook post with the video is saved on the clipboard.
  7. Switch to the downloader app.
  8. The app will automatically recognize the copied link. Tap Download.
  9. Once the download is complete, you will be redirected to the video preview. You can now find the clip in the internal memory of your mobile phone.
  10. You can access the video file in the VideoDownloader / Facebook folder via a file manager.

This is how it works with the iPhone

Facebook videos can also be downloaded with the iPhone. Here, for example, the free application Friendly for Facebook can help you.