Why is public procurement important in society

Procurement and financing - GIZ as a public authority

As a federal company, the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) works closely with the private sector, universities and specialist institutions. GIZ sees business and especially consulting firms as close, indispensable partners in fulfilling their tasks.

As the contracting authority, GIZ therefore publishes its contracts to third parties in accordance with the rules outlined on the following pages and awards them transparently, competitively and economically. This applies to orders for delivery services (material goods) as well as service and construction contracts.

In addition, it grants funding, making a specific financial contribution available to a recipient in order to carry out certain development policy measures. Funding recipients can, for example, be the implementation partners of GIZ projects in partner countries. Other possible recipients are non-profit German and international organizations and institutions.

Compliance and Transparency

Compliance, corruption prevention and transparency are guidelines for GIZ as a federal company when awarding contracts. They are ensured within the framework of the applicable statutory and internal regulations.

Internal and external regulations and documentation ensure fair competition between bidders and sustainable procurement in line with the market at all times. The selection of the most economical offer is always made in a transparent and comprehensible manner on the basis of previously defined suitability and award criteria.

The compliance management system ensures that the principles and rules are adhered to.

Procurement reports

In the procurement reports you will find information about the award of contracts in the areas of services, financing and material goods, broken down by region, type of contractor and sector.