What Are Some Hacker News Hacks


After a hacker attack: Tegut's data emerged on the Darknet

At the end of April, the Tegut supermarket chain was hit by a hacker attack. Stolen data from the Fulda-based company has now been published on the Darknet. After the cyber attack on the IT network of the Tegut supermarket chain at the end of April, stolen data ... more

Colonial Pipeline: Hacker groups announce withdrawal

Allegedly, several groups of hackers in the USA have announced that they will give up their activities. The message comes after the attack on a pipeline, with days of traffic jams at gas stations. After the attack, several groups of hackers specializing in extortion ... more

Hamburg: "Radio Energy" victim of suspected hacker attack

The local radio program of "Radio Energy" in Hamburg currently has to use a different station frequency and the Internet. The reason for this is a hacker attack. The private radio station "Energy" has been the victim of a hacker attack. Since Tuesday evening ... more

Hackers speak out for the first time after the attack on oil pipelines

The systems are still offline following a cyber attack on one of the most important pipeline operators in the USA. At first it was suspected that Russia was behind the attack. Now the hackers have expressed their motivation. After her attack on one ... more

Password checker: how easy is it to crack your password?

"123456" - this is the most popular password among Germans. On the occasion of World Password Tag, t-online shows you why this is not particularly secure and what you can do to protect yourself better on the Internet. A look at the most popular passwords shows ... more

German companies are particularly affected by more cyber attacks

Hackers are attacking companies more and more often and making more and more effort. Cyber ​​criminals often use it to extort ransom money. In a recent survey, German companies report particularly high damage. The number of cyber attacks on companies is increasing ... more

Hacker forum: data from Facebook users online again

New York (dpa) - Telephone numbers and email addresses of hundreds of millions of Facebook users were discovered again in a hacker forum over the weekend. "This is old data that was reported back in 2019. We discovered the problem in August 2019 ... more

Russian hackers attack German politicians and activists

Numerous parliamentarians and activists have apparently been the target of a hacker attack. Two parties in particular are affected. A group called "ghostwriters" is said to be responsible. Russian hackers apparently have several members of the Bundestag and activists ... more

Kiel: Dealer confesses in court and receives a mild sentence

Because he dealt with more than 100 kilos of drugs with a total value of 500,000 euros, a Kieler had to answer before the regional court. Even French hackers were involved in the investigation. Accused of trading 100 kilograms of marijuana, 1.8 kilograms ... more

Tesla surveillance cameras tapped

Police stations, prisons, schools - and also the electric car manufacturer Tesla are affected: According to a report in the USA, hackers cracked 150,000 surveillance cameras. According to a media report, hackers have hacked 150,000 surveillance cameras from a US company under ... more

WiFi tips: These are the mistakes users make frequently

Bad reception up to loss of connection - problems in the home network are often homemade. We name the most common mistakes when using the WLAN and point out solutions. Using a WLAN is child's play? Not at all! Everyone should have noticed ... more

Cyber ​​campaign: BND searches for hackers with an unusual campaign

Berlin (dpa) - The Federal Intelligence Service (BND) wants to find more hackers for the fight against international threats with an unusual action. Using the hashtag "#followtheglitchkarnickel", the German foreign secret service has been trying to target the hacker scene ... more

USA: Hackers want to poison drinking water

Time and again, public institutions are victims of hackers - from schools to hospitals. It has now become known that strangers in the USA wanted to manipulate the acidity of drinking water. Hackers have access to a water treatment plant ... more

Hijacked Accounts: How Weak Passwords Are Doomed

Berlin (dpa / tmn) - This text is about what can happen if, against better knowledge, you do not take the passwords on the Internet so carefully. And of the massive problems that can result. That would be: a hacked mailbox, a lot ... more

Data protectionists warn of security gaps at Cloubhouse

It was a steep climb that "Clubhouse" made last. But along with the hype, so does the criticism. Security gaps in the conversation app open the door for hackers, warns an IT expert. Clubhouse managed to get to the new Internet hype within a few days ... more

Stuttgart: learning platform paralyzed by attack

At the start of digital lessons after the Christmas holidays, students had to struggle with picture and sound failures. The reason for this was an attack, as it now became known. The Moodle learning platform was attacked on Monday. That was shared by a spokesman ... more

Hacker attack on vaccine developers from North Korea

A group of hackers from North Korea tried to get data on vaccine development. The hackers attacked a pharmaceutical company as early as autumn. According to the Russian security software manufacturer Kaspersky, North Korean hackers tried ... more

Report: Hacker attack on Funke media group

Time and again, large companies are victims of hacker attacks. Now the newspaper company Funke Mediengruppe has reported an attack. This also has consequences for the readers of the papers. After a hacker attack, the newspapers of the Funke media group appear on Wednesday ... more

Cyber ​​attack on US government: nuclear agency affected?

The US government has been a victim of hacker attacks. Particularly worrying: the agency responsible for the country's nuclear arsenal may also be affected. The US agency for cyber and infrastructure security, Cisa, ranks ... more

Website paralyzed: IT attack on shipping company Hurtigruten

Oslo (dpa) - The Norwegian shipping company Hurtigruten has been exposed to a comprehensive data attack. Several of the company's systems have been paralyzed since the attack during the night, according to the cruise operator. It looks like the entire global ... more

Hacker attacks against US ministries - Russia under suspicion

Several US authorities have been victims of hacking attacks. The attacks, directed by a foreign government, targeted the US Treasury among others. According to media reports, hackers are supposed to be in charge of the finance and trade ministries and others ... more

Cybercrime: Living with ransomware and corona attacks

Wiesbaden / Bonn (dpa / tmn) - Data is a valuable asset for companies and private individuals alike, especially sensitive ones. It is therefore important to protect your own data as well as possible from potential access by cyber criminals. The Federal Criminal Police Office ... more