What is the physics behind twerking

Twerk Pong party game

    • Scope of delivery: 1x Twerk Pong party game consisting of 2x boxes, 2x rubber bands and 10x table tennis balls.
    • With ten table tennis balls.
    • Material: cardboard and plastic
    • Notes: Please note the warnings on the packaging.
    • Warning: not suitable for children under 36 months! Beware of small parts that can be swallowed! Caution, there is a risk of strangulation!

Everyone has it once a year and can't prevent it, what is it? Right, the birthday! When you get a year older it can be hell on earth for some, but for others it is the best day of the year. One is showered with congratulations on a birthday, while one wishes for the long-awaited gifts. The unusual and extravagant party, as well as the high-calorie birthday cakes should not be missing on a birthday, as they are part of the big fanfare. As soon as the Twerk Pong toy has been longingly released from the wrapping paper, it will bring great joy to the birthday child. The set consists of two foldable cardboard boxes, two strings to strap the boxes around the hips and ten table tennis balls. The Twerk Pong party game, a great item for young women. The new phase of life for young women begins with the end of puberty. Young women like to go shopping and have a strong interest in fashion. Sports hobbies such as dancing or gymnastics have become an indispensable part of everyday life for young women. There is a strong bond especially between young women and animals, which is why they devote a lot of time to animals. If you think of love, it has a high priority for young women with the first kiss and the first friend.Notes: Please note the warnings on the packaging.