Why doesn't my husband think I'm beautiful

Partner doesn't find me attractive

Thank you for your answers!! That’s good to read.

It started with the fact that he told me quite clearly that I was too fat for him and that he would think it would be nice if I lost something and because of my figure the attraction and our sex life would suffer (which I had already noticed about that Time). I hit that, but it was honest and that's a good thing.

Another point is my hair. He likes long hair, mine are now (after a pixie) a little longer than the chin.

We got on the subject when we were talking about our sex life and I asked him what was going on, that I got the feeling that something was wrong. Then he confessed to me that my figure bothered him and he would think it would be great if I could take something off. Then I said that it was ok, but I was surprised because I have gained a maximum of 3 kilos since we were together (10 months) and my figure is not very different. Then he said that my hair was too short for him, that he found long hair much nicer (mine is a little over chin length).

Then there were discussions and after a long back and forth he told me that he found me really pretty, but that I wasn't the slimmest and certainly not the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. but also that he is happy with me, doesn't want to lose me and loves me more than anything.

Yes, and now I'm sitting here and don't know what to do.