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Which coat do you wear at which temperature?



As winter approaches, we all rummage through our closets and bring out the coats that haven't seen daylight in the past few months. There's nothing better than the good old feel-good coat, whether we're running errands or sitting in style at the window of a café and enjoying a hot drink while the snow is falling outside. When choosing the right coat, everyone probably thinks first that it should complement the outfit perfectly and at the same time serve its purpose when the temperature drops.

In this blog post we will show you which coat is best to wear at which temperature so that you are well prepared for any weather, whether in the morning or in the evening, when the temperature drops a little, or all year round.


Coats for spring & autumn


Light Coats - Unlined

Contrary to popular belief, coats are not only intended for winter, but also for spring when temperatures are quite mild, while in autumn you slowly adjust to the colder temperatures and try to find out which coat will keep you warm enough during the cold phase becomes without feeling that you are overheating.


The collarless coat



The collarless coat is modern and casual and is perfect for autumn and spring or a very mild winter. It is a little lighter around the neck and therefore often looks more revealing. And if it does get a little colder, you can combine this coat with a scarf without feeling too wrapped up.


The pea jacket



For a generally mild temperature all year round or a slightly rising temperature in spring, I usually use my Caban. The coarse wool caban used to be worn by sailors to keep them warm on deck. Over time, this coat has adapted a bit so that it radiates a little more style. These days, for example, it has a slightly lower collar so you can see more of your outfit, which is fine if the temperature isn't freezing. Cabans are very suitable for spring, as they are cut fairly open and are often worn short.


Evening coats for spring and autumn

Cabans are ideal for the day, but sometimes temperatures drop a little at night in spring and autumn. Here you can decide to change to a different coat later in the day. If you have a dinner date or a party is going on with friends, I would recommend the long charcoal-gray wool coat with a belt. Length, color and style are not only perfect for the occasion, but also practical, because darker colors absorb more heat and accordingly also keep you warmer than lighter colors. In addition, a longer coat has more material to keep you warm, while the belt keeps the fabric nice and close to your body.


Winter coats


Wool coats - The best warmers

Wool coats are a good choice as winter coats because they are water-repellent and can withstand a small rain shower. Wool is also one of the best insulation materials for coats, so an additional layer of wool over the outfit keeps you cozy and warm.


The duffle coat



If you are looking for a coat that can withstand colder temperatures, the duffle coat is a good choice. It belongs to the thicker variety that can be buttoned to the top and is specially designed for very cold temperatures. The nice thing about an adjustable coat is that you can use it for all your needs at any time. With the duffle coat and many other coats you can usually decide whether you want it with or without lining. The lining is an additional layer of comfort for a little more warmth.


The coat layers

With a coat, you can either opt for a little more space to be able to wear several layers in very cold weather or choose a tight-fitting variant so that the figure is also emphasized with the coat. This means that the coat can be adapted to any weather and situation, depending on the temperature. Alternatively, you can also choose a coat with a lining to keep it a little warmer.


The snowflake sign



For all types of coat there are of course materials that are snow-resistant. These are highlighted with a snowflake symbol next to the material. These coats are extremely weatherproof and look stylish at the same time.

From cabans to duffle coats and choosing between lined and unlined, finding the perfect combination for a coat this winter couldn't be easier. Just in time for the beginning of winter, you will find exactly the fit and equipment that suits you here.



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