Is Docker free to use 1

Docker tutorial: installation and operation of the container platform

The Registration in the Docker hub is free. Users only need an email address and the Docker ID of their choice. This later acts as a personal one Repository namespace and grants users access to all Docker services. In addition to the Docker Hub, the offer currently includes the Docker Cloud, the Docker Store and selected beta programs. In addition, the Docker ID a log-in to the Docker Support Center as well as the Docker Success Portal and the Docker forums.

The registration process takes place in five steps:

1. Select Docker ID: When you register, you choose a user name that will later act as your personal Docker ID. Your user name for the Docker Hub and all other Docker services must be 4 to 30 characters long and only contain numbers and lowercase letters.

2. Enter your email address: Enter your current email address. Please note that you have to confirm the registrations for the Docker hub via email.

3. Choose password: Choose a secret password of 6 to 128 characters.

4. Submit registration: Click on “Sign up” to submit your registration. Once the data has been completely transmitted, Docker sends a link to verify your email address to the mailbox you specified.

5. Confirm your email address: Confirm your email address by clicking on the verification link.

The online services of the Docker project are immediately available via the browser after registration. Here you can create repositories and workgroups or search the Docker hub for public resources via "Explore".