What words hurt a poor man

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Proverbs about poverty and the poor
There has always been poverty. Proverbs about poverty have always been around. In the collection "FLORILEGIUM POLITICUM - Political Flower Garden" by Christophorum Lehman from 1630, proverbs with poor and poverty are listed on six pages (from pages 42 to 47). This range shows the extent of poverty in its time. The poor did not improve afterwards either. In 1867 in the collection of Karl Friedrich Wander, the number of proverbs on this topic has increased tenfold: Under the key words Arm (adj.): 113, The poor: 322 and Poverty: 329, not counting the foreign speakers and those under other key words.

It is still talked about today, not with proverbs like in the past, but in public events and discussions. Nothing has improved, poverty has gotten worse, thanks to social legislation and Hartz IV? In Germany, the poverty rate increased from 14.0% to 15.5% of the population from 2006 to 2013 (in Hamburg to 16.9%). That is an increase of 10.7% to 12.5 million people in Germany. An increase in poverty despite economic development and growth in gross domestic product from 2390 to 2809 billion euros and a decrease in the number of unemployed! In the same period, poverty among those aged 65 and over increased particularly sharply by 37.5 percent and that of pensioners by as much as 47.5 percent. The Riester and Rürup or other pension contracts did nothing to improve the situation. It is primarily a promotion and help for the insurance companies through commissions and fees. First something had to be diverted from the already low income and waived and later the resulting payments are offset against the Hartz IV amount and deducted or taxes are levied. Despite (or through?) Private provision - twice lost and poverty increased!
Some politicians have said in the past that so many retirees are not poor at all, that they earn extra money when they retire and that is why they are not considered poor. Conversely, they turn into shoes because they are poor and do not have to have enough to live on, many of them earn money to be able to pay rent and food. In the future there will be more and more poor pensioners:

The figures are from the poverty report of the Paritätischer Gesamtverband dated February 2015. This and poverty reports from other years are available for download on the Internet:

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German proverbs

All suitors are rich and all prisoners are poor.

Only the poor man is wrong and has struck the calf in the eye.

Delusion or respect alone is rich or poor.

Unhappiness and poverty alone are good for Neidhart.

Too well promotes poverty.

Too mild helps to poverty.

Alms don’t give poor, church going doesn’t fail, car greasing doesn’t prevent, injustice good doesn’t proliferate, God's word does not deceive.

Old man and young woman, certain children, young man and old woman, only poor sinners.

There is nothing to be gained from arms.

The boy learns to shave poor people's beards.

The boy learns to shear the poor beard.

The devil wipes the A --- on poor people's pride.

Everyone wants to rub their shoes off poverty.
Everyone wipes their shoes on poverty.

God is not to blame for willing poverty.

Work is good in (for) poverty.

Poor desires makes you rich in wealth.

Poor in money, poor in desires.

Poor miserable children who know, fear and love God are richer than godless rich children.

Poor friends should not be spurned.

God sends us poor guests.

Poor fellows are not easily honored.

Poor fellows have to overhear a lot.

The children have poor, the cattle rich.

Poor people, poor cross.

Poor people belong behind the door.
The poor man belongs behind the door.
The poor man has his place behind the door.

Poor people will soon have finished their meal.

Poor people have more meaning than rich people.

Poor people have short arms.

Poor people almost all have a purpose more than the rich.

Poor people are far home.

Nobody knows poor people.

Poor people, poor kitchens.

Poor people cook thin groats (soups).

Poor people make rich saints.

Poor people must always be wrong.

Poor people sleep for good food.

Poor people are soon seduced and armored when the ringworms are swift.

Poor people don't feel at home in their own home.
The poor people are not at home in their own home either.

Poor people are immune from envy and big expenses.

Poor people are not supposed to be tasty.

Poor people are not supposed to be rich.

Poor people do poor sages.

Poor people sew the gold into a whetstone.

Poor people forgive their children more than the rich.

Poor people live in small houses.

One can have poor people, but not beggars.

Giving poor, not poor.

Giving to the poor is receiving a certain amount.

Poor fellows often encounter an unexpected happiness if they only knew how to use it.

Armen never broke any money except Sunday and all weeks.

Little spoils poor people.

Poor who is ashamed gets nothing.

Service to poor friends is convenient too.

Poor guest is a godsend.

Nobody wants to be friends and companions of poor people.

Poor people's guests go home early.

Poor people's arrogance and calf dung like to smell (soon) within a short time.

Poor people's pride soon comes to an end and ridicules everyone.
Poor people's pride does not last long.

Poor people's children rule the country and its people.

Poor people's children and rich dogs are brought up almost alike.

Poor people's splendor hardly lasts overnight.

Poor people's splendor lasts overnight: two days bread is white, then misery and misery.

Poor people talk a lot in one sack.

Talking to poor people does not count.

Poor people cause nothing.

Poor people joke is not valid, water jug ​​is not wise.

Poor people's anger has no emphasis.

Poor man, unworthy guest.

Arm in the pouch, sick in the heart.

Poor is not someone who has little, but who needs a lot (desires).

Whoever desires death is poor, but whoever fears it is poorer.

Poor man yummy has his way.

Poor or rich, death makes everything the same.

Poor or rich, everyone is equal before God.

Being poor is an art if you can.

Only Josepf in the stable was poor and pious.

Rich and poor, death equals.

Rich and poor are seldom the same.

Poor and rich do not go well together.

Poor and rich: bad and bad.

Poor and rich, all are equal before God.

To be poor and proud is ridicule and folly.

Poverty closes all doors.

Poverty keeps poverty.

Poverty needs cunning.

Poverty brings grief and hardship and it is even worrying.

Poverty brings humility.

Poverty brings impatience.

Poverty dampens pride.

Poverty gives peace to hearts; wealth lies in great sorrows.

Poverty tying half of the sack.

Poverty a rogue makes fat brat.

Poverty experiences a lot.

Poverty finds everything at first hand.

Poverty finds all ways and bridges.

Poverty follows poverty down to the pit.

Poverty is not about begging, but about begging.

Poverty never goes wrong.

Poverty has escort all and half.

Poverty has the sixth (is the sixth) sense.

Poverty has more meaning than other people - need.

Poverty received its status without envy.

Poverty has no reputation, that's why it goes behind.

Poverty built cities.

Poverty borrowed everywhere.

Poverty has brought many to the gallows.

Poverty has made many masters, but also brought some to the gallows.

Poverty has turned a lot into whores and brought a lot to the gallows.

Poverty hinders a lot of honor, art without money is a monkey game.

Poverty catches up with indolence unless it rides a monk.

Poverty guards.

Poverty is the stepmother of all arts.

Poverty is comfortable.

Poverty is free.

Poverty is the mother of the arts (wisdom).

Poverty is the sixth sense.

Poverty is good for the pocket.

Poverty is the hand of the rich man ('tongue, eye') and foot.
Poverty is the hand and foot of wealth.

Poverty is the rich man's cow.

Poverty is the inventor of all things.

Poverty is the greatest plague.

Poverty is a wicked stepmother of good morals and virtue.

Poverty is a good curtain wall and makes you safe from thieves.

Poverty is a good curtain wall.

Poverty is an honest thing, who can deal with it.
Poverty is an honest thing who only knows how to deal with it.

Poverty is a hassle*14.

Poverty is a rage*14.

Poverty is an art who can do it.

Poverty is a burden, old age an unworthy (unpleasant) guest.

Poverty is a heavy burden and breaks all courage in an honest person.

Poverty is a happy thing.

Poverty is a loose whore hide and teaches to partake.

Poverty is a lynx, probably catches a fox too.

Poverty is a rogue, it makes some brat.

Poverty is an unworthy guest.

Poverty is good for Podagra.

Poverty is good for folly.

Poverty is good if you believe it and do you right.

Poverty is not a lame in the body, nor an obstacle in the soul.

Poverty is not a shame.

Poverty is not a shame, but an empty sack does not stand up well.

Poverty is no shame, but giving cause to poverty is shame and injustice.

Poverty is neither a shame nor a dishonor.

Poverty is not a sin.

Poverty is not dishonor.

Poverty is free.

Poverty is cunning, it also catches a fox.

Poverty is crafty and ingenious.

Poverty is not poverty unless it is cheerful.

Poverty is not good because it causes displeasure.

Poverty is as pleasant as when a dog comes into the bathroom.

Poverty is neither shame nor dishonor.

Poverty is an evil web that knows how to pale, and yet it has its wealth.

Poverty cannot rule.

Poverty cannot lose, poverty cannot rule.

Poverty does not paralyze.

Poverty teaches you to play the violin.

Poverty teaches (a lot) of the arts.

Poverty does not make poor, unless God has mercy.

Poverty makes you shameless (outrageous).

Poverty does not dishonor, but vice does dishonor.

Poverty rarely does you right.

Studying poverty, celebrating wealth (celebrating).

Studying poverty, celebrating wealth.

Poverty seeks (new) cunning.

Poverty seeks new ways.

Poverty seeks ways.

Poverty hurts old age.

Poverty is seldom good for you.

Poverty hurts, misery even more, I still prefer to be misery, because loyalty is mine.

Poverty hurts.

Poverty and old age are two heavy burdens, one would be enough.

To be poor and old is a heavy burden, it would be enough for one.

Poverty and fear make bad people liars.

Poverty and greed do nothing good.

Many young people have poverty and hunger.
Poverty and hunger have many learned disciples.

Poverty tries a lot.

Poverty dares everything.

Poverty is suppressed, wealth is brought out.

Poverty is suppressed (hidden), wealth is brought out.

Poor as a whore on Holy Week.

Doctors and lawyers ride on gauls, priests rot in excrement and poverty.

Doctors and lawyers ride on gauls, priests rot in excrement and poverty, judge or condemn it.

The Schenck drinks first at the poor bride's engagement.
On the poor bride's vow, the giver drinks first.

A poor delicious man turns out of a rich man.

Sometimes rich, sometimes poor, sometimes nothing.

Building without need brings poverty.

Building and eating a lot of people will show you to great poverty.

Building and eating a lot of mouths is what leads to great poverty.

Peasants and poor people also have their anger, but he has no defense.

If the poor man gets a piece of bread, the dog snatches it from his hand.

Better poor than a liar.

Better arm on than arm off.

Better poor in honor than rich in shame.
Better poor with honor than rich with shame.

Better poor, young and wise, than (than) rich, old and a fool.

Better poor and free than a full collar and a chain on the neck.
Better poor and free than a full collar and a gold chain on your neck.

Better poor and pious, because the rich Schalck.

Better poor and healthy than rich and unhealthy
Better poor and healthy than rich and sick.

Better to suffer poverty than leave honesty.

Better poor in the country than rich in the sea.

Better a rich peasant than a poor nobleman.

Begging means getting rid of poverty.

Asking is worthless, but it doesn't make you poor.

Blind man, a poor man, if he were also wearing Seid und Velvet.

Blind man, poor man, and if he had on silk clothes.

Blind man, poor man; it is still a poor man who cannot force his wife.

Stupidity is of little use to the poor.

Becoming guarantor has corrupted many rich people and brought them into poverty.

The mind is rich and poor, not the chest.

The heart is rich or poor, not the chest.

I guess that's a poor mouse that only knows how to get out of a hole.
It's a bad mouse that only knows one hole.

Life is long for the poor (sick), short for the rich (healthy).

Life is long for the rich and short for the poor.

The game eats poor people's bread and the devil eats the hunter.

Given to the poor is well sown.

The poor miss a lot, the stingy everything.
The poor lack a lot, the stingy even more.

Help the poor, drive away the beggar.

Poverty follows the poor.

Any dress suits the poor.

The worst is always given to the poor.
The worst always becomes a poor man.

God is the law of the upright, the law of the wicked his poverty.

Wine makes the poor rich, so it should always be drunk.

Keep your head cool, your feet (s) warm, that makes the best doctor poor.

The nobility make the monasteries rich and the monasteries make the nobility poor.

The poor keep their chickens, the rich don't keep their daughters for long.
The poor tend their chickens - and the rich don't keep their daughters long.
(The first sell the chickens because of lack of money and the second give plenty of dowry.)

The poor do not remain unspoken.

The poor man always has a headwind.

The poor means that God have mercy.

The poor eat when they have something, the rich when they want.
The rich eats when they want, the poor when they have something.
The rich eat and drink whatever and when they please, the poor, however, when they have something.
The rich eat when they want, the poor eat when they have something.
The rich eat when they want, the poor when they have it.

The poor man is safe and sound, he has little to worry about.

The poor are meager everywhere, and are forced to have little food and clothing.

The poor know their relatives better than the rich.

The poor suffer and are crushed by usury, avarice and wickedness.

The poor man must be outside the door.

The poor man has to go into the bag, whatever money gives has good taste.
The poor man has to go into the sack.

The hand of the poor is God's purse.

The poor shelter is at Helfdirgott.

The poor sweat is easy to find.

The poor sleeps in safety.

The poor man stands far back when he has no money in his pocket.

The poor thing has to pay for the feast.

Poverty is a lot (little), stingy everything.

A poor man lacks much, a stingy man everything.

The miser is poor in every way.

Avarice accumulates poor, mildness gives itself rich.

The gentleman gives himself rich, the curmudgeon takes himself poor.

He's poor, the worries turned gray.
He's poor who make worries gray.

He is the richest who is the poorest in desires.

He's a poor servant who serves the church.

He is not poor who has nothing, but who demands a lot.

He is very poor who is forsaken by God.

The war goes only over poor people's bags.

The rich estimate is: the poor must give up their skin.

Pride breakfasts with abundance, dines with poverty at noon, and dines with shame.

The devil is poor, has neither body nor soul.

Death makes everything the same, it eats rich and poor.

Madness alone is rich and poor.

Whoever wins first becomes a poor man last.

The poor man's wrath is his own calamity.

The poor all help so that no rich man falls.

The poor help catch the foxes, (so that) the rich dress in furs.

The poor have to feed the rich.

The poor have to dance like the rich whistle.

The poor are the breadwinners of the rich.

Poverty takes place on an upside-down bench.

Poverty is like death, praised by many, loved by a few.

The kart and the jug make some a poor man.

The lawn bench is the poor sofa.

The rich do not know how the poor feel.

The sun shines on both the poor and the rich.

The world has turned, that's why I taught poor donkeys to whistle.

You poor righteousness, lie in bed and have no dress!

You're a poor man at night, don't come until the morning.

The poor will be eaten up by pre-buying and buying out, giving free rein to bad coins.

Own stove is worth gold; if he is equally poor, he will keep you warm.

A poor man who has become rich and a peasant who has become noble should not be desired as friends.

A poor man is seldom a count.

The poor need not be ashamed of their poverty.

A cow covers a lot of poverty.

A beautiful woman in poverty, who pretends to keep her honor and loves her husband, she probably wears a crown of honor.

One did not enjoy a poor rich man, but a mild poor one.

A widow in poverty is despised, one strives for rich goods and honor.

A prince is (probably) as rare in heaven as a stag in a poor man's kitchen.

The low and the poor are said to be unconcerned with the powerful and the rich.

A rich merchant will be poor, a poor will be rich.

A rich man sees how he is doing his damage, the poor man has to suffer.

A pupil does not have to want to quickly become a junker, but rather suffer a little from the rod of punishment and poverty.

One ungrateful person harms ten poor.

Misery and poverty drive away all thieves.

He's got something, if only the poor Kaiser had something.

He's as keen on it as the devil is on a poor soul.

He is a poor Lazarus.

He is gracious to Garmh.

Patience is just as lacking in the poor as in rich charity.

It is probably due that a poor man's name is Konrad.
It looks good if a poor man's name is Conrad.

There are a lot of poor people talking in a sack.

I mean a poor person or a rich person if she only has money.

It is a pity, poor maid, that they are beautiful.

It is better for the poor to sit in front of your door than for you to sit in front of theirs.

It's a poor fox who only has one hole (white).

There is no greater sin in the world than being poor.
It is not a sin but poverty (being poor).

Nobody is as rich as he is, and the poor person is the same as he thinks.

There is nothing harder than a poor man getting rich.
(proud = proud, splendid (disparaging), arrogant, hurtful, arrogant, presumptuous, showing off one's being. From late Middle High German: hopeful, mhd. hōchvertec.)

There is much food in the furrows of the poor.

Ten of them are more likely to play poor than one rich.

Ten of them are more likely to play poor than one rich.

Some good advice spoils in the mouth of a poor man.

It spoils much wisdom in a poor man's pocket.
Much wisdom spoils in the mouth of poor people.
Much wisdom goes to waste in a poor man's bag.

Nobody becomes poor as someone who cannot do arithmetic.

Nobody gets rich or poor if they don't help themselves.

Lazy, poor, and yet wasting, does not take long with honor.

Laziness pays off with poverty.

Fat cuisine, near poverty.

Foundlings, poor children.

Peace makes wealth, wealth makes arrogance, arrogance brings war, war brings poverty, poverty makes humility, humility makes peace again.

Joyful poverty is wealth without good.

Beware of fear and poverty.

Gifts given by a poor man to a rich man are begging.

He who protects the poor is very pious.

Trapped man, poor man.

Don't go to a guest too poor fellow if you don't have your food with you.

Avarice is the greatest poverty.

Money goes on high sledges, poverty has to go on foot (poverty goes on foot).

Money doesn't help poverty.
Good does not help with poverty.

Investigating closely comes from poor people.

Violence, art and money rule the whole world, the three have justice, every poor servant complains.

Poison is not found in poor people's kitchens.

God is the guardian of the poor.

God is the poor hope.

Favor takes precedence, I know that poor servant.

Good noble, poor in blood.

Good conscience and poor hearth is God (gold) and worthy of all honor.

Good creates courage, courage creates arrogance, arrogance creates envy, envy creates arguments, arguments create poverty, poverty creates humility.
Good leads to high spirits, poverty leads to humility.

I had a poor man, I knew it was a stupid one.

Habich is a rich man, Hadich a poor one.

If everyone had his own, you would be as poor as another.

Hättich is a poor man.

House peace has to be kept, both for the rich and the poor.

Arrogance leads to poverty.

Arrogance does not come from poverty.

Pride and poverty keep a bad house.

I wanted anyone who would like to be poor to have to be poor for life.

In case of need one might want to take a chalice from the altar to serve a poor person.

In the hospital, the poor are often taken care of, that would have mercy on a stone.

One recognizes the friend in poverty.
One recognizes a friend in poverty and need.

In poverty you get to know friends.

There is no greater sin in the world than being poor.

Is wisdom praiseworthy in the poor, how much more praiseworthy in the rich.

No matter how poor a mother is, she gives her child warmth.

Everyone is worthy of popular law, the poor as well as the rich.

At any time their justice makes many a poor servant.

Young blood, save your goods, poverty in old age hurts.

No poor person should be despised, for Christ was also poor on earth.

Long poor, long unhappy.

Give the poor his bread too.

Don't let yourself be deprived of yours if you want to be safe from poverty.

A casual hand makes you poor.

Live with reason, so do not join the poor guild.

Lottery tickets are receipts for the poor house.

Lüneburg Heath, poor Wichtel (brothers) pasture.

Some are rich in money and poor in their pockets - with their wives.

One must not steal the leather from the tanner in order to make shoes from the poor.

Mergel makes the father rich and the son poor.

Dissatisfaction because of poverty should be willingly forgiven.

God and poverty go to table with the pious man.

Weeping the poor world with hot tears, the lost money.

Idleness leads to poverty.

The womb is poor but warm.

New finds come from poor people.

Nothing makes you poor and nothing makes you rich.

Without money, many a poor servant with good things remains injustice.

If we don't brag any more, we are poor people.

Do not fail to hear the sermon, do not give alms poorly, evil good that does not suffice.

Right remained right if it wanted to be poor people.

Rich thieves are hung in gold chains, poor ones in iron.

The rich eat when they want, the poor eat when they have something.

The rich are let go, the poor have to go to the gallows.

The rich do not like to borrow; The poor do not like to pay, one is as good and right as the other.

Rich people make poor; poor make rich.

Rich people forgive their dogs, poor people their children.

Rich people give, poor people take.

Rich humility means God, poor pride is a mockery.

Rich people's children and poor people's horses will soon grow up.

You can smell rich people's illnesses and poor people's roast meat.

The daughters of rich people and calves of poor people are soon to be found.
Rich people's daughters and poor people's calves (cheese) soon ripen.