What is the equation of body strength

Force / forces according to Isaac Newton

What is a force What is its impact and how can it be calculated? We want to explain these questions here in our article.

If you sit on a chair, you can feel the seat on your back. The reason is that there is a force at work. This arises because we are attracted to the earth. We can sit on the chair, however, because it exerts the same force on the person sitting on it. Generally speaking, however, a force is something that changes the state of motion of an object.


Effect of a force

One recognizes and describes forces based on their effects. Here are a few pointers:

  • A force can change the direction of movement of a body
  • A force can change the speed of a body
  • Forces can deform other objects on impact, for example
  • A force acts in a certain direction (keyword: vector)

Actually everyone knows forces from everyday life. Because of this, the things that have just been listed should actually be clear.


Forces: unit and formula

Forces are given in Newton [N], named after Isaac Newton, who discovered and wrote down the fundamentals of the laws of forces in the 17th century. Instead of 1N, 1kgm / s can also be used2 to be written. Example: 50 N = 50 kgm / s2. There is also a connection between the force, acceleration and mass of a body. This knowledge is also known as Newton's 2nd law.

Formula force, acceleration, mass:

  • F = m * a
  • "F" is the force in Newtons [N]
  • "m" is the mass of the body in kilograms [kg]
  • "a" is the acceleration in meters per second square [m / s2 ]

Example: The mass is m = 20kg, the acceleration is a = 10m / s2. Then the force is F = 20kg · 10m / s2 = 200N.


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