Does anyone work here at Accenture


If advice is better than Accenture

Ex-employee or workerWorked for Accenture Germany in Kronberg.

Working atmosphere

It always depends on the project, of course, but in general there is a lot of pressure. There is a lot of pressure when you are not on a project but "sit on the bench". Then you usually work on acquisition topics that involve many night shifts.


Typical American marketing bullshit on all channels. You are flooded with countless internal spam mails and drawn into a number of useless calls. You can only learn important things secretly through your own network (if available).

Cohesion of colleagues

The tone is quite comradely. In the end, however, everyone only gets the next promotion, so everyone is themselves the next. As far as I've seen open intrigues are rather rare. It boils down to the fact that everyone tries to push themselves into the center in order to get as much "visibility" as possible in front of the MDs (partners) who decide on the next career jump.

Work-life balance

At the analyst and consultant level, one contractually has a 40-hour week with overtime recording. Actually. It should be clear to everyone who goes to the consultation that overtime is the rule, but the Accenture system prevents overtime from being recorded if any. There is always a conflict between overtime and project margin. Although the employment contract theoretically stipulates that all hours worked are recorded, in fact this is often forbidden by the project manager. You could, of course, complain to the project manager's supervisor about it, but then you shouldn't be surprised if you are not considered for the next round of promotion. Officially there is a "no retaliation policy", i.e. nobody who complains about anything should be disadvantaged by it. Nobody is visibly disadvantaged either, it is just that those who do not complain and accept any kind of exploitation (including travel time = free time, expected assumption of "Accenture hobbies" = unpaid extra work in their free time), significantly higher chances got to be promoted as someone who complains.

Managerial behavior

It always depends. However, a lot of pressure is generally generated from the next higher level to the lower level. The means of pressure are always promotions. As mentioned by many other reviewers, the promotion process is very opaque (even if ACN tries to say the opposite). There is a pseudo-process in which you record all the "achievements" of a year, but in the end those are promoted who are most favored by the MDs. Project successes are of secondary importance, what counts here are additional internal tasks (Accenture hobbies) that you take on in your free time or simply the nose factor.

Interesting tasks

Always depends on the project. In addition, there are still internal tasks that are often boring and / or completely pointless: organizing call series and other internal marketing nonsense, etc.

equal rights

The best thing to do is to be a wheelchair-driving transgender with a migrant background, then it will work with the transport even without professional qualifications and you are also lucky enough to be able to apply internally as a testimonial at every opportunity, how diverse Accenture is. The corresponding quotas are further KPIs that are simply met bluntly.

Dealing with older colleagues

There are hardly any older people.

working conditions

On the one hand, there is a lot of time pressure and stress. On the other hand, the Accenture system is incredibly cumbersome and bureaucratic. There are an infinite number of ill-conceived and lengthy processes. The internal support functions (IT support etc.) have all been outsourced to India. There are employees sitting there who can do exactly what their flowchart tells them to do, nothing more. As a rule, you have solved your problems faster and better yourself than trying there.

Environmental / social awareness

More appearance than being. The company at least tries hard to create a good impression, but in the end all of this is only part of the marketing machinery.

Salary / social benefits

A lot of work for little money, especially when you take into account the unpaid travel hours. Accenture lives off of young graduates in poor negotiating positions with low salaries.


The name doesn't hurt in the CV if you want to continue working in the IT area. I see Accenture here in front of Capgemini and BearingPoint.

Career / further education

As already mentioned, career depends on the approval of your MD. There are training opportunities, but the internal training courses are all pretty superficial and useless. Actual further training takes place mainly in the spare time and incidentally on the project.