How does a collapsible steering column work

Circu transformer


The design of the transformer corresponds to a typical folding vehicle. The lateral scissor struts give an idea that this vehicle is foldable. The combination of red metallic (or blue metallic) and black gives the Transformer a contemporary, modern look. A reflector attached to the steering column, which has been lovingly incorporated into a small panel, ensures more safety.

Mobility at the push of a button. The transformer can be folded up and unfolded again using the remote control. The foldable armrests allow easy entry. Thanks to the infinitely height-adjustable steering column, the transformer can be optimally adapted to the respective needs.

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All controls are clearly arranged on the handlebars.

The transformer can optionally be expanded with a few components. That would be the foldable front basket, for example. The assembly of the basket holder is very easy with a quick release fastener. The basket can be folded up when not in use.
Always have the walking stick with you! No problem thanks to the optional bracket.
The optional hard case is used to safely transport the transformer when traveling. Thanks to 4 double castors, which can each be rotated through 360 °, the case can be pulled easily.

Maximum safety thanks to the double brake system.

Automatic engine brake:
The motor brake is the main braking system in electric vehicles that are approved for use as a hospital elevator. The motor brake reacts as soon as the driver takes the throttle back and gently stops the vehicle. With this automatic braking system, manual braking with a hand or foot brake is not necessary.

Automatic magnetic brake: The magnetic brake serves as a parking brake. As soon as the electric vehicle is brought to a standstill via the motor brake, the magnetic brake locks automatically. It blocks the drive and prevents the scooter from rolling away.