Are visiting scholars paid

Your way to the University of Stuttgart

If you are employed at the university, you will receive a monthly salary. Please note that income tax and contributions to statutory health insurance and other statutory social insurance are automatically deducted from your gross salary.

There are various options for visiting scholars to finance their research stay in Germany: public funds, EU funds, industrial funds and funds from foundations and scholarship organizations. A detailed overview can be found on the Research in Germany website. While the first three sources of funding usually finance large research projects, the latter finance research stays by individuals.

The best-known research (funding) organizations are the Alexander von Humbolt Foundation, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the German Research Foundation (DFG). Further research funding programs can also be found on the website of the electronic service point ELelectronic Research Funding Information (ELFI).

The amount that you receive through grants and grants for research work as a postdoc or visiting scientist usually depends on your status and career level, as well as on the funding organization. A research grant is usually enough to earn a living in Germany. Supplementary allowances for taking out health insurance, benefits for children or allowances for attending conferences are usually granted on request.

If you are researching at the University of Stuttgart as part of an international collaboration between your home institution and our university, temporary stays are usually financed by funds from the cooperation program.

Of course, it is also possible to finance your stay in other ways, for example with your salary from your home institute / university or with a scholarship from your home country. If so, please make sure that your salary is sufficient to cover your living expenses in Stuttgart.