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Is the word SEARCH legal in Scrabble?

Scrabble®S.1 - U1 - C4 - H2 - E.1 - N110

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transitive, including striving to find something or someone who is lost or hidden
transitive, also with endeavoring to obtain or acquire something or someone that one needs
transitive, also with an effort to find and / or discover something through deliberation
transitively strive to achieve and / or realize what one strives for / desires
to strive for something transitive
intransitive, with an infinitive with to, try something upscale
strive to find someone, something lost, hidden
strive to acquire something specific that one needs
endeavor to find out, to discover, to recognize something through thinking, thinking
endeavoring, endeavoring to achieve a specific purpose; the realization, fulfillment of something often fades away
to strive for something, somewhere
try, strive, strive


Word meaning of search(- Basic form -)
Process of locating a desired object; Endeavor to find something specific
Process, activity of searching
hunt (especially on small game)in which the game is searched for and scared off by dogs
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