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The more educated you are, the easier it is to find work. We therefore support your training and further education - provided you meet all the requirements. Find out here what training courses are available and when and how we can support you.

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further education

  • Training database
    The AMS advanced training database is a platform on which educational institutions can publish their advanced training courses and seminars independently and free of charge. Interested persons can browse the entire range (around 55,000 courses).
    For courses that are not funded by the AMS, you must contact the respective course provider yourself. Online registration is not possible here.
  • Further education database with offers that can be funded by the AMS
    If you are currently registered with the AMS, you can submit an online interest report for funded AMS courses.

    Credentials for AMS courses
    Did you find a course sponsored by the AMS in the training database that you would like to take part in? Then read through the information below and find out how you can register online.
    This is how the registration works
    Only people who are currently registered with the AMS can register online for a maximum of two funded AMS courses (www booking). All you have to do is enter your social security number and click the "Submit interest report" button. You can find this button directly in the course description.

    A fixed acceptance for the course can only be given after it has been checked by the AMS! Your advisor will let you know in good time.
    Please note: There is no legal entitlement to participate in a course.

    Who pays for my course?
    If your course has been approved by the AMS, the AMS will cover the course costs.
    To make it easier for you to attend the course, we can offer you further subsidies (e.g. travel or childcare costs).

Videos and brochures

Videos on topics such as "It's never too late for further education", "Options after dropping out of an apprenticeship", "Studying without high school diploma" and many more can be viewed online here.

Here you can download and read brochures on the subject of “further education” free of charge - or you can get a free copy at your next BIZ!