How much does a 35mm lens cost

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I already have a really nice "fleet", but I still lack a focal length, 30-35mm, i.e. 50mm on full format

I have a 30mm f / 2 for my Samsung and love it, it's so wonderfully universal, and always on the Samsung.

There are many 35mm lenses for Pentax, starting with the "cheap" DA 35mm f / 2.4, that costs me 149 euros NEW without having to search for a long time. Sample images are very good, the bokeh isn't the prettiest, and it's not the fastest.

Then we have the FA 35mm AL f / 2.0, used around 260-300 euros, I like sample images very much, as well as the aperture! Is it really worth double the price?

And now for the worst of the bunch, the 35mm f / 2.8 Limited, Biggest disadvantage: If you have one, you want all of them ... I can't / won't afford that Advantage: feel, macro 1: 1, quality?

I can't find anything about the Ltd, the HD would also be a possibility, can you tell me what is worthwhile and what is not?


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