Are waist trainers safe for women

Waist training with a corset: weight loss miracle or real danger?

Curve stars like Beyoncé and the Kardashians swear by this trend. Actress Jessica Alba also said in an interview that after the birth of her daughter, she would have regained her figure in just three months thanks to intensive corset training. Many women present their hourglass figure on social networks, which they have successfully achieved thanks to waist training. But what is the hype about the so-called waist trainer?

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In advance in the video: Lose belly fat - this is how it works!

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Lose weight thanks to a corset: how does it work?

The new miracle diet should work very simply: Order a corset, wear the corset a few hours a day and you're done! According to the manufacturer 'Waist Gang Society', it is sufficient to wear the corset two to four hours a day at the beginning. After a few weeks, the wearing time should then be increased slowly.

By wearing the corset, fat cells should be mobilized, in other words: pressed into shape. In addition, the tight fit of the waist trainer and the inner structure of steel rods prevent large portions from being eaten, as the stomach has no room to expand. This will reduce the calorie intake.

The corset consists mainly of non-breathable latex, which leads to increased sweating in the abdominal region. This is supposed to rid the body of toxins and, especially during sport, to maximize success.

The stars seem to believe in it, at least they advertise the waist trainers vigorously on their Instagram accounts.

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But does it really work? Yes and no.

Anyone who wears a corset for hours, every day, for months will actually find that their waist has shrunk dramatically. But experts warn: The corset only shifts our belly fat, it does not reduce it. As a result, it moves back into place as soon as you stop waist training.

It goes without saying, but you shouldn't exercise in a corset! This is because it can restrict movement during training and thus lead to injuries. There is also the risk of small pimples and irritation on the skin due to friction and sweating. Beautiful is different.

In addition, the soft abdominal tissue transfers the pressure from the waist trainer directly to the internal organs. In the worst case, the organs can even shift. The stomach then reciprocates with digestive problems, heartburn and vomiting.

Some brave women have also shared their negative experiences with waist training on the internet:

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What does the corset do instead?

The corset bears part of the body weight, which relieves the trunk muscles. This means that the deeper and lateral abdominal muscles and the back muscles are relieved.

This is exactly where the problem lies: Muscles that are not used regress. If you do not counteract this with increased training, you will have LESS muscles after waist training than before.

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Our conclusion:

Waist training is not a new weight loss trend! As early as the 19th century, women tied their waists into a corset, but luckily we are out of that era! Sure, the corset also has its advantages: Bad posture, e.g. when wearing a corset, is practically impossible. The posture and the gait always stay upright, which makes the wearer appear more self-confident and soon also feels that way. In addition, a corset can also serve as a motivator for eating healthier and exercising, as you can see quick results in the mirror.

But just wearing a corset without exercise and a healthy diet does nothing. It is more likely to cause damage. So for all of us who like to breathe freely and move around: hands off the Waist Trainer!