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8 of the best social media marketing agencies

Social media marketing should be one of the basics of marketing for any business. The number of social media users is already 3.8 billion worldwide and many of us can no longer imagine a life without social media.

From this it can be concluded that you can reach your target audience through social media.

Additionally, social networks are very powerful marketing channels, with nine in ten consumers saying they have already bought from a company they follow on social media.

To get the best possible results, however, you should work with an expert, because there is a big difference between having fun with the joys of Facebook and successful social media marketing for companies.

For this reason, I'm now going to introduce you to eight of the best social media marketing agencies that will help you achieve your business goals in no time.

8 of the best social media marketing agencies in the world

# 1: Neil Patel Digital - The agency for paid advertising on social media

At Neil Patel Digital, we know our strengths because our co-founders and marketing managers are experts in their fields. We draw on years of experience in all marketing areas.

Our specialties also include paid advertising on social media. We use data-based analysis and extensive customer research to help our customers determine their advertising goals and then create an effective campaign.

Our customers include numerous world-famous brands for which we have successfully developed cross-channel social campaigns with targeted customer approaches. Here's a little overview:

Not bad at all, is it?

We don't want to sink into self-praise now, but our success and expertise is also confirmed by other sources. Talk Business says:

“Neil Patel Digital takes a close look at your marketing efforts and makes effective suggestions for improving your marketing strategy.

The team impresses with its amazing passion and dedication for digital marketing, which really makes the agency live up to its value proposition. This exemplary team loves the process as much as the results achieved. "

Find out how Neil Patel Digital can help you achieve your goals with paid social advertising campaigns.

No. 2: Viral Nation - The agency for influencer marketing

Viral Nation is the specialist in influencer marketing. The agency develops ROI-oriented campaigns for the gaming and e-commerce industries for various platforms, including: Instagram, Twitch and TikTok.

The Viral Nation agency has its own talent agency made up of influential brand influencers, nano-influencers and well-known public figures.

This advertising agency has worked with many well-known names including Victoria's Secret, Aston Martin, Baidu and Match.com. Match describes the collaboration as “creative, inspiring and effective”.

But not only well-known companies like to work with Viral Nation, because the agency has a 4.8-star rating.

Influencer marketing is still extremely popular and if you want to try it out yourself, you should consider Viral Nation.

No. 3: Pan Up Productions - The video agency

Pan Up is a very creative video production agency that has developed many commercial video campaigns for social media.

The production company works with numerous e-commerce companies and event organizers, but has also produced videos for Netflix, Tinder, Square, Southwest, Apple and Amazon.

Here's a video to show you how creative Pan Up is. You co-designed and filmed a wedding in New York City based on the Umbrella Academie series for a Netflix social campaign.

The quality speaks for itself. If you have the budget to run a professional production company, you should have Pan Up produce your videos.

No. 4: Joseph Studios - The agency for organic reach

Joseph Studios specializes in organic growth in social media. They produce and post content for your social profiles, take care of customer engagement and care for your fans.

The agency has already achieved impressive results for numerous companies in the tech, B2B and B2C industries. The graphic below is from a case study and shows the increase in impressions, engagement and actions on the profile of one of their customers.

This agency has a 4.6 star rating. A customer says:

“The service provider is flexible and reacts to the constantly changing circumstances of the project. The engagement increased every month. The agency has a transparent, reliable team and quick communication. "

If you'd rather increase your engagement organically, Joseph Studios is the ideal agency for you.

No. 5: Social Media 55 - The agency for niche marketing

The special thing about the agency Social Media 55 is the orientation towards very specific niches such as real estate, skin care or plumbers of all kinds. This specific industry orientation enables the compilation of targeted campaigns that are perfectly tailored to the respective niche.

Here is the overview of a project in the real estate sector:

In addition to special services with an industry focus, Social Media 55 offers other services from the areas of social media marketing, social media management, paid advertising and influencer marketing.

The agency works predominantly with small and medium-sized companies and has excellent customer ratings (4.8 stars from a total of 236 reviews).

If you need an industry-focused marketing strategy, Social Media 55 is the ideal choice.

No. 6 Sculpt - The agency for B2B companies

The Sculpt employees are experts in all areas of social media marketing for B2B companies. You develop social campaigns that are primarily aimed at lead and customer acquisition.

The agency works with businesses large and small, including clients in the SaaS, healthcare, finance, and law firms industries. The case studies from this advertising agency show really impressive results.

Sculpt is the ideal agency for B2B companies looking to acquire more customers.

No. 7 Sociallyin - The agency for community management

Sociallyin is a well-known media agency that offers numerous services in the areas of social media strategy, production and influencer marketing.

However, her specialty is clearly community management. In this area, they particularly shine with services such as customer service, social media monitoring, engagement and data-driven analysis.

What sets Sociallyin apart from other agencies is the fact that they can offer social media management in 36 different languages.

You work with numerous customers from various B2B and B2C industries, including: Toyota, Dick’s Sporting Goods and TGI Fridays.

Sociallyin is the best agency for local social media marketing with a community focus.

# 8: Brafton - The Auxiliary Services Agency

Brafton offers uncomplicated social media marketing packages, so you always know what you are getting and you can design the project according to your wishes thanks to numerous additional services.

The services offered include many services that cannot be found in other agencies, e.g. B. Live tweeting and personalized Snapchat geofilters.

Brafton always follows the latest social media trends.

As a large advertising agency, they target companies of all sizes and different industries. An education customer says:

"I liked the quality and communication so much that I directly tripled the budget of the project."

Brafton is the ideal agency for companies looking for unique services on current trends.

3 things that define a professional social media marketing agency

There are so many advertising and marketing agencies that it is easy to lose track of things. In the Clutch directory you will find over 9,481 advertising agencies.

So it's no wonder that the choice is difficult. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for an advertising agency.

1. You develop a personalized project

There are agencies that use the same project template for each client. Of course, that doesn't work because every company needs a personalized social media strategy. Make sure that your agency puts together a campaign specially developed for you and your company that is geared towards your company goals and your target group.

2. They are professionals

Since there are so many advertising agencies out there, you have to be careful. If every agency offers the same and a particularly large number of services, it cannot specialize in a certain area. You should look for an agency that is expert in their field.

3. You get results

Ultimately, you want to get results, don't you? For this reason, you need a social media agency that can help you achieve your goals. Neil Patel Digital employees are trained and specialize in proven marketing strategies. They made NeilPatel.com a real role model in the industry.

You need a team of experts that consists of trained professionals who can perfectly cater to your needs.

What to expect from working with a social media marketing agency

As the saying goes: “Try is better than study”. Of course, if you want to work with a professional agency, you have to understand how they achieve and deliver the promised results.

The process of working with an advertising agency looks something like this:

1. Thorough target group research

The goal of social media marketing and advertising in general is of course to expand your reach and gain new fans. However, you need to understand that not every fan or user is a potential customer.

In order to achieve real results, you have to target the users who are interested in your product or your company and then turn them into customers or brand fans.

A professional agency always carries out detailed research at the beginning of the collaboration in order to get an overview of your customers and your target group, as your campaign must always be geared towards your target group.

2. High quality content

The social media are totally overrun. It is estimated that 90% of American companies use social media for advertising purposes. So the question is, "How can I get noticed?"

With creative content and campaigns. Successful marketing agencies produce compelling content that is perfectly tailored to the respective target group.

3. Multi-channel strategy

Different age groups and customers use different networks. Millennials and Gen Z love Instagram, whereas Facebook is now preferred to older users.

In addition, users interact in different ways with content on different platforms. Some customers use social media to contact customer service or vent their displeasure on Twitter, while others look for inspiration on Instagram.

Your agency should be familiar with different social platforms in order to be able to target your advertising campaign to the channels that your potential customers are on.

The agency you choose should always do comprehensive, high-quality work.


Marketing has become indispensable without social media. If you don't have the time, resources or expertise yourself, you should consider working with a professional advertising agency.

There are an infinite number of agencies offering a wide variety of services, and your job is to separate the wheat from the chaff.

When looking for a marketing agency, make sure that the services can meet your needs. You should be able to expect only the best in both the planning and creation and execution phases.