Have you ever attended a seance



When I first heard about Abraham Hicks, I felt quite a bit of resistance.

“A group consciousness from the non-physical dimension” speaking to us through a woman named Esther Hicks? That sounded too unreal. Images of seances came to my mind, the term vodoo shot through my head and it was difficult for me to suppress a mocking grin. Not that I have ever taken part in a seance myself or that I know exactly what is meant by vodoo, but it was clear to me that such things belonged in the field of fiction and had nothing to do with my reality.

But since I highly value the friend who told me about Abraham Hicks and give a lot of support to his opinion, I thought it was owed to him, I thought, to deal with it intensely enough to be able to substantiate my rejection.

That was a long time ago and not a day has passed since I did not deal with Abraham in any way. My rejection quickly turned into great excitement and the teachings of Abraham have become an integral part of my life.

But the attempt to give others access to it failed again and again because, on the one hand, I couldn't find the right words myself to describe who or what Abraham is and, on the other hand, my reference to the many YouTube recordings or the CDs and DVDs, which can be obtained from www.abraham-hicks.com, are of no use to anyone whose knowledge of English is insufficient. Because Abraham speaks through the American Esther Hicks and therefore in English.

So gradually the idea settled in me to create a forum in which I would explain, translate or summarize, with the intention of making the original English recordings easier to understand even for those who do not have a perfect command of English.

The goal I have set myself is to publish new articles at regular, not too long intervals.