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Hello Sothis11!

Unfortunately I have to disappoint you. I canceled my stay in Gujarat last year for several reasons: It was so humid and hot in the south. that it cost me all my strength (although otherwise I can bear the heat very well); in addition, my work on our projects in Tamil Nadu kept me longer than planned. There was also an Indian wedding, whose invitation I could not refuse. So my trip through Gujarat is still pending.

I was in Ahmedabad many, many years ago, but only for a very short time. Even then, in terms of tourism, the country was miles away from the south and other countries / states (as you like). Viewed in this way, it does not seem to have changed much.

Personally, this "unfashionable" would not bother me much, on the contrary. For years now I've been experiencing the changes in India. Although I can very well understand the Indians' urge to imitate the West, it also means more prosperity and I liked the "former India" better. Don't just go to the ATM and withdraw money by card ... etc., what does that matter? At that time you were still sitting in the bank and changing your checks. That was tremendously exciting, albeit time consuming. But what time was actually being stolen? I was visiting India and not at work :-)

I want to get to know a country, its people, life. I am not disappointed if everything does not go as I am used to. I could stay at home then.

It struck me that with the flow of tourists in India, people are no longer showing themselves as humanly as they were before have fled simple lives. So much is lost with prosperity. That is and was no different here with us. Money and prosperity usually do not change people for the better. Don't get me wrong: I too grew up here in the West with all the comforts, that life offers us. But also with all losses ...) The people in the "unfashionable" regions are no longer so curious about us. Don't just talk to us on the street. And so I come into less contact with them. It struck me that in the tourist areas I learn much less about myself and learn (in the broadest sense) when everything goes according to my habits.

From my point of view, I would say: great that things are not going so smoothly in Gujarat yet. If you know, you can adjust to it. E.g. traveller's checks etc.

In this sense: take courage. - Since I don't know how experienced you are in traveling (and, maybe, how old), I can't advise: pre-book or not. I also don't know what quality of hotels you prefer.

If you feel like telling me more, please write. I will then tell you about my booking experience.

Best wishes