Is adrenachrome real

Very few people who are not occupied with chemistry, psychiatric psychology and conspiracy theories should have heard of the word adrenochrome before.

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After a crude clip in which Xavier Naidoo speaks extremely emotionally on the subject of child trafficking and ritual murder, the biologically and empirically verifiable by-product of adrenaline, which plays a major role in research into the causes of schizophrenia, suddenly became an issue.

What does Xavier Naidoo mean by adrenochrome?

In the approximately five-minute video that was published a few days ago on the YouTube channel of a well-known group of conspiracy theorists (although the date of production is unclearly popular), singer Naidoo even begins to cry when he talks about kidnapped children, ritual murders, a mysterious Sect and Satanism reported. He already referred to it in his strange song “Marionetten”. All of this is difficult to imagine in combination.

Naidoo speaks of children being kidnapped to draw blood for some kind of super drug and anti-aging product. They are also said to be sold to organ dealers and killed for cannibalism purposes.

According to the conspiracy theory, which is currently being shared in appropriate networks, children with severe respiratory problems who have been freed from underground facilities are currently on the supply ship, which is anchored in New York to treat thousands of corona patients . Some of them, it is said, have never seen the light of day and urgently need food. They are said to have been kept as sex slaves. Allegedly there is a nurse who would testify to this.

Schizophrenia Research and Anti-Semitism

So much for the conspiracy theory. But what does adrenochrome have to do with it? Adrenochrome forms in the human body as a by-product of adrenaline. It was mistakenly understood as an allegedly psychoactive substance - it is mentioned in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" by Hunter S. Thompson. In the 1940s it was discovered that adrenochrome could very likely contribute to the delusions of schizophrenics, very similar to the effects of LSD and mescaline.

The adrenochrome legend of the conspiracy theorists, who claim that there has been a kind of supersect of a conspiratorial "elite" who abuses children underground, has now started to extract this physical substance. The adrenochrome coagulated from the blood would therefore be used as a rejuvenating agent and power drug to be stronger, fitter, sexier than the rest of humanity.

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Basically, this conspiracy theory also uses anti-Semitic stereotypes - Jews as vampires, bloodsuckers and parasites. This is mixed almost embarrassingly consistently with the ritual murder legend, which in corresponding conspiracy circles primarily ascribes a social minority to take revenge on the community with such acts. Imagined collective “scapegoats” are also found for often inexplicable or terrifying acts by individual murderers.

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