What is the passive voice of the purchase

Sales talks instead of sales talks: This is how the customer buys

Sales success starts in the head.

Almost all salespeople now know that. However, it is unclear to some: How do I use this knowledge to mine Increase Success? Customers buy emotions! And especially those that you convey to them as a person. You have certainly already gained this experience in sales talks: If you are in a good mood and the customer is in a good mood, then the order is often as good as it is in the pocket.

So try the Customer contact to score as a person. Because salespeople who concentrate on their product and sell through “the thing” are comparable. This makes the deal more difficult and lowers the price.

Put the customer in the mood to buy: this is how it works

People like to buy best and fastest when they are doing well or when they are not doing well. The number of Lust buyer but is much higher than that of the Frustration buyer. In a neutral, factual state, customers, including you, buy the least. So put your customers in the buying mood by telling them convey a good (buying) feeling. First of all, you have to be in a good mood yourself. Because we can only transfer good feelings to others if we have them ourselves.

Extra tip: present yourself credibly!

Do not hide behind the product or the supposed advantages of your offer. Many salespeople do that. Their language is accordingly.

4 starts of sentences that exclude the customer:

  • "We can …"
  • "We have …"
  • "We offer …"
  • "We are …"

You and the customer do not appear in your statements. Such salespeople are correspondingly passive when it comes to getting customers in the mood to buy. They wait to see whether the customer reacts positively instead of taking the reins and making sure that the customer reacts as desired. Actively shape the atmosphere in the conversation. Make sure that you gain the customer's sympathy and trust by appearing credible.

And let the customer see your personal commitment and feel your passion. And immerse yourself in the customer's emotional world, because then you can convey the emotionally most important benefit of your offer to the customer and help them to make a decision.

Conducting sales talks instead of sales talks

Your conversation with the customer should not a sales but a purchase talk be - a conversation in which you spoil the customer with experiences that are good for them. Why? Because as a person you stand out from most other salespeople and your behavior is different from the usual salesperson behavior.

The right attitude for every customer conversation

You might be wondering how to do that? Very easily! Most importantly, you yourself get in the mood for every customer conversation and adopt the basic attitudes and attitudes of top salespeople.

Possible thoughts that make you feel good:

  • I feel like talking to you.
  • I am curious about the customer.
  • I want to and can sell him something.

Develop habits

How do you do that? Develop the following profitable habit for yourself: Take one to two minutes (even in stressful situations) before each customer conversation or telephone call. Close your eyes and get really excited about the conversation.

Specifically, you can think about before the interview:

  • What positive things can happen in the conversation?
  • What do I want to achieve - specifically?
  • What feelings, what profit do I have if I achieve my goals?

Then make yourself really curious about the (new) customer:

  • What kind of person is that?
  • What is his mood like?
  • How will he react to me and my offer?
  • What could be of particular interest to him about it?
  • How can I show him the personal benefit the fastest or most tangibly?

Success starts in your head: thoughts, body, facial expressions

I promise you: the time you spend on this is well invested. And always remember: Sales success begins in your head - in yours!

Such mental exercises change your emotions and thus also your inner attitudes. So yours grow too Courage and confidence, self difficult customers to tackle. Your sovereignty and persuasiveness increase. Your verbal language becomes clearer, safer, more binding and more lively. And your body language and especially your facial expressions? You become more expressive.

The result: You become more determined, more binding and more successful. Why? You show a confident overall behavior that has become rare today and spontaneously generates sympathy. But not only this. Your demeanor also exudes credibility and builds trust. Because the customer feels your security. And the good feeling you create in him makes him want to work with you. So he will quickly and happily decide on your offer.

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(This article was updated on 02/23/2017.)

Ingo Vogel, Esslingen, is a rhetoric and sales trainer. He is considered the expert in emotional selling. In September, Gabal Verlag published his latest book Top Emotional Selling: The 7 Secrets of Top Sellers.