How can someone inspire you

To inspire

To inspire means giving impulses, stimulating. It can mean inspiring and motivating someone. Inspiring actually comes from inspiration and inspiration is originally inspiration, also enlightenment.

To inspire is a verb in the context of virtues


Inspiration comes from “breathing in”. Inspirare means breathing in and infusing. And from this it will inspire, stimulate, input and also enlighten. Think about what inspires you. What do you need to be inspired. And also think about people you are with, how you can inspire them. It is often not very helpful to scold others, but it is helpful to think about how you can inspire them. Or how can you help them develop their own inspiration. And you too can think about what inspires you. How can you speak inspired. How can you make your life inspired?

Inspire video lecture

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Inspire - what can that mean? Learn a lot about inspiration in this short essay. The yoga teacher Sukadev speaks here about inspiration from the spirit of holistic yoga.

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Some terms that may not have to do directly with inspiring, but may be interesting, are, for example, being angry with someone, being mad, ironic, complaining, compliment, conditioning, compromise , Eyes.

Seminars and training

Here is information about a few seminars and training courses that are not directly related to inspiration, but can be interesting for personal development, health and spirituality:

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Inspire is a word or phrase associated with yoga and virtues.